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Founder OF PAN Books Alan Bott Part 3

While talking with Johnny Mains we were trying to see if there was a link between Alan Bott and Herbert van Thal. They were both friendly with Sir Hugh Walpole and it is a distinct possibility that they could have met up socially at Brackenwood, Walpole’s house in the Lake District. Walpole, to celebrate his 50th birthday had privately printed and bound in vellum by The University Press, Glasgow 100 copies of his work “Extracts From A Diary’ which he intended to give to his friends at his party.

Unfortunately he wasn’t well on his birthday so the party was delayed as shown in a letter he wrote to Alan Bott. I was wondering if val Thal got one as well so I have been trying to track down other copies but although I have the following numbers and their locations only a couple have their recipients name.

  • 03 TIKiT Resources
  • 09 Library Of Congress
  • 18 Unversity Of Tulsa
  • 29 Yale University
  • 37 National Library Of Scotland
  • 40 Huntington Libray
  • 44 Stanford University
  • 45 University Of Melbourne
  • 46 Lilly Library
  • 49 UCLA Library
  • 65 Alexander Turnbull Library
  • 84 Boston University
  • 87 University Of Texas
  • 89 British Library
  • 92 Cambridge University
  • 93 London Library
  • 94 British Library

Thank you to all the libraries that took the time to reply to my enquiries to check numbers and dedications etc.