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“Moan of the day” Part 2

Having accused some booksellers of incompetence I should add this can sometimes be to your advantage. I picked up a copy of the Piccolo book “Fun With Words 2” by Ronald Ridout at a church booksale for next to nothing (I think it was fill a bag for a pound) This started me looking for the other 3 but I was surprised to find they were so scare with only two sellers listing them and then both having “Fun With Words 4” one asking £34 the other £35. One of the sellers had this same edition on eBay, Abebooks, Alibris and Amazon UK all with the price at £34. I just happened to look on Amazon USA and noticed it was there but for 34 cents – yes cents – so I bought it. I was quite expecting to get an email saying they hadn’t got it to get out of the transaction but it arrived today and for 34 cents! I have bought before off sellers on Amazon USA where they have the same price as Amazon UK but one is dollars the other pounds. You just have to watch the extra postage doesn’t outweigh the saving.
Fun With Words 4

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