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Roger Coleman

Someone once mentioned a link between PAN and Ballantine but not what it was. I have just found one in that the PAN wrap around covers for the Roger Coleman ‘Shute’ series from the early 70’s are the same as the Ballantine ones. In the UK PAN gives no clues as to the cover artist but in the US Ballantine acknowledges inside the artist as Roger Coleman. I have found, through a third party, that Roger is now in his 80’s and has become reclusive so I don’t think I can’t ask him if he knew his work was going to be used by two companies and more importantly, did he get paid twice? Neither PAN nor Ballantine mention each other inside the books.
Roger did artwork for many different publisher including the illustrations for this below for Reader’s Digest Condensed Books in 1966. Incidentally Brian Sanders, George Sharp and John Raynes also did artwork for Reader’s Digest.

The Man With The Golden Gun

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