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So Near Yet So Far

I’m sure I must be like a lot of people in watching for different items on eBay which 99.9% of the time gives very strange results but when it came up with ‘PAN Junior Crosswords Book 3’ I thought I’d found my holy grail. On clicking on the item it WAS the last title I needed BUT it wasn’t X705. It turned out to the later edition with the same cover but an ISBN. At 50p I bid on it anyway and I’ll use it as a place holder on the shelves until that day when I can actually replace it with the real thing.BurgessGoing back to a past blog where I mentioned the amazing prices asked for copies of “Casino Royale” I see the one that has just ended on eBay failed to get any bids. This might be down to it being a second printing and with a starting price of £249.99 but then again on the up side they did offer free p&p. Another copy with 18 bids just went for £36.10 but didn’t say which printing while there is a second printing ‘buy it now’ on offer for £74.32.

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