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15th Birthday, Jack Hayes and Barbara Cartland

We’re raising the flag to celebrate
the fact that
will be 15 years old tomorrow.


By Hayes, not for PAN but Hamlyn. the cover of ‘Flags’

Hanging on my wall for many years have been a couple of original covers by Jack Hayes, fortunately both signed, of two titles from the ‘Captain Blood’ series by Rafael Sabatini. This made me look to see how many other covers he painted for PAN and with the two already mentioned I make it seven.
One thing I have not managed to find out is any real details of his life, DoB, death etc. so if anyone can help?

Having succumbed to a mad ‘bulk buy’ of Barbara Cartland titles I am now up to 94, all scanned and bookmarked on the site but never again! I may see if I can find a few more to get to 100 but I don’t think I’m inclined to be a completest this time even if it meant I could find out if “A Kiss From A Stranger” was the only one with the PAN logo bottom right instead of top left like all the others so far!
NB With so many images on one page it does take a while to load!

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  • Bazeer Flumore says:

    Happy belated 15th Tim. Hope you have many more. Also, that’s a lot of Cartland’s

    February 2, 2015 at 7:10 am

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