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Happy Christmas 2014

KingsWith Christmas upon us this week I thought I would mention ‘The Christmas Book’ edited by David Larkin and published in 1975. It is called “a graphic celebration” but is really just a collection of 40 Christmas themed pictures by different artists ranging from Arthur Rackham, through Norman Rockwell to Anne Mandeville.

I have also managed to add screen captures to the list of As Seen on Television in the Miscellany section, something I’ve not done for a while. It was an edition of ‘Flog It’ and they auctioning a model of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang but it also included a copy of the PAN title from 1968 for which John Burke got paid the princely sum of £875 outright.. When they were talking about the book the couple who brought it in expressed surprise when told the original story was by Ian Fleming in spite of it quite clearly stating this on the cover! I was hoping to include a clip but BBC IPlayer has just changed the format and it will only play through their viewer but I like a challenge ….