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Breakthrough Language Series and Rowan Barnes-Murphy

Following on from the blog referring to the PAN “Spotlight on Languages” series they also carried on the “Breakthrough Languages” series first published by Macmillan, then taken over by PAN and eventually going back to Macmillan. They were sold as a package containing a book and originally cassettes, later replaced with CD’s and the page shows two covers for some of the languages, I’m still trying to find the missing few, and I’m just guessing that the covers by Rowan Barnes-Murphy are later as the contents are identical.

If the name Rowan Barnes-Murphy sound familiar it’s because he did several covers for Piccolo and is still extremely active today as can be seen on his website 

Dear Tim, PortraitMy apologies for not getting back to you sooner and would have been very happy to have met you on your last visit to this area but I recall things were very hectic at the time ….renovating a small cottage whilst living in it and working at the same time. Very demanding. I’ll have a look around and see what books I’ve got.  I usually keep copies of everything I’ve done. I’ll get some scans over to you.  This will take a little while as I’m again very occupied with work at present. I met Val Biro and his wonderful car at a school once where he was story telling and I was the ‘drawer’. He was charming and great company for the day.
Love your website by the way!
I’ll be in touch.
Best wishes

I’m trying to track down a couple of the covers Rowan mentioned that I’ve not seen but here are the six covers he did for “The Cryptic Library”

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