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“The Time Machine” plus updates

Man‘The Time Machine’ by Herbert George Wells was written 120 years ago in 1895 and has never been out of print. I don’t know how many covers and variations PAN printed but I’ve put seven examples I’ve got HERE The 1953 cover is by George Woodman about whom, like a lot of the artists from the time, very little has been recorded. The 1974 cover is by Ian Miller and the 1976 by Alan Lee of which a lot has been written about them both.

Here are a some recent updates for a few pages;

Rowan Barnes-Murphy was mentioned in a blog regarding the Breakthrough language series and since then I have tracked down and scanned in another four of his covers and one where he did the illustrations to .

I found  another cover for ‘The Scapegoat’ from the Daphne du Maurier series, ordered it and yet again it is not the one shown so I’ve used the sellers photo while I try and track down the one I actually wanted. I’ve also included a photo of an item I found on eBay, a book and letter signed by du Maurier. I place a bid but in the end it went for £137, well over my limit.

I’ve added a couple more covers to the ‘Piccolo Adventure Library’ with artwork by author and artist Tom Barling. These are both signed ‘T.B.78:’

Finally after many years I’ve found copies of  book 1 and  3 to go with 2 and 4 of the “Fun With Words” series  I already had. It is one of those mysterious occurrences when I can’t  find any for years and then both the ones I need come along at the same time – and at a price I’m willing to pay. Someone is asking £35 for book 4!