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‘The Film Classics Library’

‘White Rabbits’ or whatever you are supposed to say on the first of the month for luck but it’s not worked with the weather, where is Flaming June? Certainly not here in the UK but moving on to more important things …….

I’ve sent many a happy hour looking through the eight(?) titles in the Richard J. Anobile series ‘The Film Classics Library’ studying for quizzes but I don’t think any have actually cropped up as questions so far! For those who may not have seen them they consist of thousands of stills from the films plus dialogue and even the start and end credits (quiz goldmine) The maltesenallPAN published four titles under the Picador imprint and Darien House, Flare Books / AVON published another four all of which can be seen HERE There are some variations in the cover stills between the UK and US editions and I’ve just scanned the versions I have. I particularly like the shot in ‘Stagecoach’ where there is a pan following the coach through Monument Valley as I can say I’ve stood on John Ford Point from where he filmed it.Stageback

I’ve also found the last of the Cartland titles I knew I had and was looking for last week plus I’ve added ‘Mazes 2’ which eventually arrived in the post but still no sign of ‘Mazes for Fun 4’

  • B. Sharouz says:

    Please send me the list of the films you have published in ‘The Film Classics Library’. B. Sharouz

    January 3, 2016 at 11:12 am
    • tikitnet says:

      Hi, Thanks for your comment but not quite sure what you mean as I don’t publish these titles, that was Picador in the UK and Dain and Flare in the USA. I have just hunted around and found 8 films which I show on this page If you know of any I’ve missed I would love to see what they are. Hope this is what you are after, Cheers, Tim

      January 4, 2016 at 7:48 am

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