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Falconhurst, a £100 note? and the PAN Record.

I recently bought a bulk collection of Lance Horner novels. I only wanted one but couldn’t find it anywhere else on it’s own but was really pleased to also find it included a variant on a title I already had. It was very subtle and I nearly missed it plus I found I had a third and they can be seen HERE

This is not PAN related but I am working my way through Clive Cussler novels as our library, sorry ‘The Book Exchange’, has a fine run of them. I had just read a few pages of ‘Odessa Sea’ when I had to flick back to check it did say what I thought it said.

A hundred pound note? The Bank of England doesn’t issue one although the Banks of Scotland and Northern Ireland do but no one would want one of those as it’s difficult enough trying use one of their £5 notes let alone a £100.

I have said for a while I would scan in all my ‘PAN Record’ magazines and make them into Flash powered books but as Flash seems old hat I thought I’d try PDF but have finally just resorted to scanning and putting on a page as in this example for Number 30

  • fred says:

    Hi Tim,
    How many ‘Pan Record’s’ were there, & how frequently did they appear? Back in the last century, (the seventies), when I worked for Collins, they produced a paperback catalogue four times a year listing the new Fontana Paperbacks for the coming three months accompanied by a substantial backlist. This list doubled as an order form.
    Best regards from a warm sunny Vancouver,

    May 6, 2019 at 11:20 pm
    • tikitnet says:

      Hi Fred, Not sure how many but I have number 32 from 1961 but after that it sounds like the one you mention. It changed to an A3 sized double sided sheet with the latest releases and a tick sheet to order further titles. There are a few on pages on the site but here is a direct link to the PAN Records I have plus number 7 that I am going to borrow to scan in. Cheers, Tim PS Hope Vancouver is a bit btter than over here where it is wet and cold.

      May 9, 2019 at 9:36 am

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