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A Couple of Things

Just planning our summer trip continuing our journey along the south coast and this time it’s two weeks in Dorset having ‘done’ Kent, Sussex and Hampshire in previous years. As usual I’m trying to combine (PAN) business with pleasure and in the past have included visits to two despatch centres, ex PAN employees, places associated with authors and a couple of cover artists. So far I have one spealist printers line up so if anyone has any more suggestions please let me know. Also any recommendations for book shops but they seem to be few and far between.

While in Shropshire I picked up a copy of “Frenchman’s Creek’ by Daphne du Maurier which has never been opened let alone read. It was while looking for an artists name I spotted a monogram on the back which I think is made up of a G, a d and an A. I would surmise that this is Gino d’Achille.

PS Happy Birthday to my quote “long suffering wife”

PAN Books Spotting in Historic Places 2

Just back from a six day tour of Shropshire to try out our new motorhome. The vehicle was excellent, it was just the lack of second hand bookshops that spoilt the trip. I visited the two I knew of in Much Wenlock and found an interesting looking one in Cleobury Mortimer with the helpful sign in the window “We are open sometimes” It was closed!
Following on from a blog of July 2012 I did find PAN Books in another historic venue namely Wightwick Manor  The house belonged to the Mander (Paints) family and has a fine collection of arts and crafts paintings, glass and ceramics plus furnishings by William Morris but it was in the Day Nursery I spotted something much more valuable on the top shelf of a bookcase namely 4 PAN titles.NuseryThe 4 titles are GP33 ‘Boldness Be My Friend’, 397 ‘The Last Enemy’, GP76 ‘Squadron Airborne’ and 273 ‘The Colditz Story’

Wilbur Smith Golden PAN Awards

I came across Wilbur Smith on Facebook and was pleased to see a picture of him holding one of his Golden PAN Awards for selling a million copies of “When The Lion Feeds” and I’ve scanned in some of his other book covers as well (I’ll be adding the mid 70′s and late 80′s George Sharp covers ASAP)
API particularly like the 1970 ones reused in the late 70′s but then spoilt by having one as a film tie-in which has happened before with the 1973 James Bond series or the 80′s Nevil Shute’s. The covers from around 1980 acknowledge the artist as Kevin Tweddell who is a member of Artist Partners along with fellow PAN Book cover artists Brian Sanders, Roger Coleman, Gino d’Achille and George Sharp.

Sam Peffer and ?

After mentioning Sam Peffer and his sad demise this month I was pointed in the direction of a photo of him in “British Film Poster” by Sim Branaghan. He is shown at a book fair in London in 2005 along with another gentleman in a hat. I was particularly pleased to see this as it was a name I know well but had never seen a picture of him. If you want to know who it is click on the photo.SandR

In Memory Of Moxley RIP

Sadly last Tuesday we had to have our cat, Moxley, put to sleep. He suddenly went down with saddle thrombosis and the prognosis was not good. He was the same age as my website and was probably on my lap while I inputted at least 90% of the contents. It was our daily routine so I dedicate this site to his memory, a friend and companion. As I look out the window I can see his grave alongside the other seven much loved and sadly missed family pets from over the last 38 years.
Moxley2On a more upbeat note I have been contacted by a cover artist who did at least 14 covers for PAN in the 50′s and many others for different publishers. I am waiting for some photos and hopefully can name names next week. It makes such a change for someone to come to me rather than me badgering them!

I’ve also managed to get one step closer to getting a full set of the Piccolo Junior Crossword books unlike the PAN editions! I often check the numbers I am missing and number 7 was elusive until now when suddenly two copies become available!

Rose Franken

I recently picked up a copy of “Young Claudia” number 528 in the DELL Mapbacks series which looks as though it has never been read. It was the cover which caught my attention as it is certainly more eye catching than the covers from PAN. I sorted out the other titles published by PAN, rescanned them and put them on a page along with the DELL cover. I’m left wondering why PAN only published 7 of the 9 titles in the series. Number 8 was ‘The Antic Years’ and number 9 was ‘Return Of Claudia’ There were a couple of other titles but these were omnibus editions.

Going back a few blogs where I mentioned recycled artwork, I heard from Uilke in The Netherlands who pointed me in the direction of another one ( his site is well worth visiting for his extensive collection of paperback covers) It is from Ullstein Bucher and is Hodder not PAN related this time. You’ll noticed it has been flipped as the signature is backwards.

Robert Carrier 1923 – 2006

In 1971 PAN brought out a set of six ‘mini books’ (approximately 5″ x 5″) written by the ’Peter Pan’ of cooks Robert Carrier. The six books gave suggestions for suppers, luncheons, barbecues, breakfasts/brunches, dinners and children’s parties. I have often seen individual titles for sale but I’ve only just acquired the set in a slip case. Click on the picture of Robert Carrier to go to his page.


Sorry for another short posting but my iritis has returned after an absence of twenty years so the world is currently a haze while I have to keep putting drops in my eyes.

“I don’t believe it!”

Quick blog this week as I have been away ‘up north’ for the ‘Great Goodbye’ where 6 A4 steam locomotives were brought together for possibly the last time as 2 are going overseas. Very impressive but very popular with over 72,000 visitors during the few days they were there.ShildonWhat also caught my eye last week was the chutzpah of a company selling on eBay. If you do a search for ‘Alan Bott’ in the Art Category with Title and Description ticked you may come up with 84 hits. They are all prints from the book “The Londoner’s England” which must have been taken to pieces. The price range goes up to £16.99 for one page (!!!!) when on AbeBooks you can buy a complete book for under £5, why not buy two as some pages are double sided?