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  • Linda says:

    Hello !

    I just stumbled over your website and I have a smile on my face. A big grin more to say…
    I am the webmaster Juliette Benzoni’s official Catherine de Montsalvy website.
    While I searched about facts about the English Catherine books, I saw your image of the two Ladies which were used for the same book ! The one on the left : ONE LOVE IS ENOUGH by Juliette Benzoni – the one on the right : The Lady of Monkton by Elisabeth Byrd.
    I think I can answer your question exactly. ONE LOVE IS ENOUGH was first 😉 here you come directly to my extra page about the Catherine covers. One love is enough was first published by HEINEMANN in 1964 – when the Pan book was published I can only guess, because I once had the silly idea to give the paperbacks away after I bought the hardcovers for a lot of money ! It must have been around 1968 or before, because that was the year I bought the first books.
    Mister Tyssen from Canada told me the three Catherine books were especially made for the Canadian market ! Which is also a curiosity, since all in all there were six Catherine books and Pan published them all. (The seventh book they never translated so far !
    My re-search now gave this result: first was One Love is enough and The Lady of Monkton was first published in 1975 as hardcover. If it is correct what I find on the Net, it was later in 1981 published by Pan. But I would say it was before.

    Hope I was able to amuse you a bit with my story. I read loads of Pan books in the sixties and seventies.

    Best to you,

    April 19, 2017 at 7:32 pm

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