Glass Negative F-4616 from 3/8/67
The Headdress of Puabi
The Land Of Shinar  Shinar 
Shown as Positive F-4616 from 3/8/67
The Headdress of Puabi
PAN Piper TP148 from 1968 
Sir Leonard Woolley excavated the Royal Cemetery at Ur, in Iraq from 1921 to about 1934. This was where the Headdress of Lady Puabi or Queen Shub-Ab, depending on which book you read, was found. Ur was in Shinar an ancient area of Mesopotamia which was also reputed to be the site of  'The Tower Of Babel'
Murder In Mesopotamia  Murder In Mesopotamia  Murder In Mesopotamia 
PAN 200 from 1952 
Cover Artist Wilding
PAN 200 from 1955
Cover Artist Sax
PAN 0330 263226 from 1982
Cover is one of the 'Double Dagger' series
Sir Leonard Woolley's assistant was archaeologist Max Mallowan. Mallowen met Agatha Christie at the excavations of Ur and later married her. Her book 'Murder in Mesopotamia' is based on her experiences at the site. The murder victim in the novel is Louise Leidner who was based on Katharine Woolley, Sir Leonard's wife who was not well liked, Described as a 'demanding woman' Katharine Woolley's first husband Bertram Keeling supposedly committed suicide by drinking poison on the steps of 'The Great Pyramid' on their honeymoon.
Ur Of The Chaldees uR Murder In Mesopotamia
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