Kevin James Tweddell 1948 to 2019 RIP.   
Kevin's daughter Thea kindly wrote;

"Kevin's father was very artistic and although a northern work man he encouraged his son in his ability to draw from a young age. At the age of 16 he left home and went to art college where he met many wonderful people and a lot of the famous names to come in life. He then moved to London where he worked for Hallmark. Many jobs succeeded this but he fell into illustration and loved his time spent in convent garden working with and socializing with so many artistic people. Kevin
spent many years bringing up his daughter in Twickenham where he continued to illustrate book covers and alike.

In 2007 we ventured to Devon to buy a pub restaurant which had always been a dream of ours. We have spent the last 12 years working hard but loving being part of the community and our little business, The Tower Inn, Slapton, Devon

The Tower Inn

Unfortunately Kevin was diagnosed with terminal cancer in November last year (2018) and was told he had only weeks. But in his true form, he embraced life, said all his goodbyes and had some brilliant parties to see him off.

He is terribly missed but he rests now just across the road in St. James Churchyard, to keep an eye on us all"

St James Church

(Kevin was born in Heywood, Lancashire and was a member of Artists Partners for over 25 years)
The Moon In The Water The Chains Of Fate
PAN 0330 297368 from 1987 PAN 0330 29735X from 1987
Alathea The Little Drummer Giirl
PAN 0330 28942X from 1985  PAN 0330 282565 from 1984 
Cry Once Alone
PAN 0330 291157 from 1986
Cry Once Alone
1986 advertising page
Cry Once Alone
Printer's proof
 The Sound Of Thunder  Hoaxes And Swindles When The Lion Feeds 
PAN 0330 02154 from 1981  PAN 0330 029193 from 1978
PAN 0330 201395 from 1981
The Sunbird A Falcon Flies Wild Justice
PAN 0330 239481 from 1981 PAN 0330 264125 from 1981 PAN 0330 261045 from 1983
Men Of Men The Dark Of The Sun Hungry As The Sea
0330 267116 from 1982 PAN 0330 201808 from 1983 0330 257986 from 1979
The Eye Of The Tiger The Angels Weep The Leopard Hunts In Darkness
PAN 0330 247360  from 1981 PAN 0330 280104 from 1983 0330 287133 from 1984
 A Sparrow Falls Gold Mine The Diamond Hunters
PAN 0330 253948 from 1978 PAN 0330 029207 from 1976 PAN 0330 233807 from 1977
Eagle In The Sky   The Burning Shore  Shout At The Devil
PAN 0330 244043 from 1975   PAN 0330 292277 from 1986  PAN 0330 02440X from 1981