Robert Gustave Mouzillat  Romo
Robert Gustave Mouzillat was born in Suresnes, a suburb of Paris, in 1913 and died in Paris in 2010. He was founder of La Stereochromie which traded as RoMo (named after him) a stereoscopic image company. In 1947 he became a director and participated in the development of the publishing company Pan Books. 
Romo Viewers
Romo Box
The RoMo Standard from France
Romo Star
The RoMo Star from France
Romo Junior
The RoMo Junior from France
Graf Graf
Dole Jura, who mainly made cheese, also made their version of the RoMo as Graf
Romo Box
This version of the RoMo named Graf was manufactured under licence in Germany
A Lestrade from France
Several examples of the Lestrade from France