Christoher Priest
A Dream of Wessex A Dream of Wessex 
PAN 0330 255436 from 1978
Cover Artist Bob Fowke
A Dream of Wessex
Original Artwork by Bob Fowke
Fugue For A Darkening Island Fugue For A Darkening Island
PAN 0330 255444 from 1978
Cover Artist Mike Ploog
Indoctrinaire Indoctrinaire
PAN 0330 256084 from 1979
Cover Artist Geoff Taylor
Inverted World Inverted World
PAN 0330 256602 from 1979
Cover Artist Terry Oakes
An Infinite Summer An Infinite Summer
PAN 0330 260480 from 1980
Cover Artist ?
The Space Machine
PAN 0330 263455 from 1981
Cover Artist Paul Slater