Some very tenuous links to PAN spotted in Croatia and Bosnia 2014
PAN Beer Logo
Wherever you go in Croatia PAN beer seems to be one of the most popular but
Tomi tells me it's actually Ožujsko. PAN also make a soft drink called Radler

Croatia  Croatia
Approaching the quay at Skradin. An street cafe in Lovran.
   Croatia  Croatia 
A good deal at the Billa supermarket, Split. Some samples to try at home
Radler The Saint
The 'soft' option I didn't bring home. Didn't get a photo but spotted a fleet of lorries with
this on the side as we drove past a depot in Bosnia.
Carte Blanche
'Carte Blanche' in Italian published by BUR 2012
PAN Beer
More PAN beer items from Tomi in Croatia - forgot to include the green bottle opener!