Val Biro 1921 to 2014
Sadly Val died on the 4th of July aged 92. It had been a pleasure to meet him.

Me with Val Biro
Me with Val Biro in his studio in Bosham, West Sussex
Good English The Last Days Of Hitler The Arches Of The Years Down The Garden Path Devoted Ladies
The Spotted Dog PAN 143 from 1950 The Crock Of Gold Dunkerley's Late And Soon
Told In The Dark Eight Tales Of Hoffman I, Too, Have Lived In Arcadia Father Malachy's Miracle The Death Ship
Peter Abelard Mistral Hotel Tiger-Man Ten English Love Stories The Small Back Room
Seven Short Plays Better English Serena Blandish The Meaning Of Treason The Second Ghost Book
A selection of Val Biro covers from the 1950's
Val Biro
Val Biro looking through his book covers I brought along.
Val Biro Val Biro
Val Biro signing my copy of 'Serena Blandish' the one PAN that actually mentions him by name.
Val Biro
Val Biro
Val Biro 
Val with the Piccolo editions of 'Gumdrop' and 'George'
Gumdrop Gumdrop On The Rally Gumdrop On The Move
Gumdrop Finds A Friend George The Fire Engine  Gumdrop And The Farmer's Friend
The 'Gumdrop' series and 'George The Fire Engine' published in Piccolo
Gumdrop On The rally Gumdrop On The Rally
The Piccolo covers were taken from illustrations used inside the Hodder and Stoughton editions.
Val Biro The Treasure Of Dubarry Castle Val Biro
The Piccolo cover was by Chris Molan but the illustrations inside were by Val Biro
The Crooked Man The Crooked Man The Tortoise and the Hare 
Two titles from the Piccolo 'Read Together' series illustrated by Tom Kenyon and Val Biro
Jennings Breaks The Record 
David Schutte 0952 148234 from 2000 
Val Biro Val Biro
Val is currently working on a 200 page edition of 'The Arabian Nights' for AWARD Publishers 
Arabian Nights
After I made this page I was really pleased to get this email from Val:

Dear Tim,

Wow! What a fine display of my work!
So many of my Pan covers, and also my Pan Gumdrops!
It is all put together beautifully, including the photos you took in my studio.
Thank you for your interest, and your skill!

Very best wishes,