Ken Hatherley - Studio Manager PAN 1980s

Ken Hatherley
Me with Ken Hatherley at his home in Woking.
Ken designed this cover
for Mayflower 1970
Ken Hatherley Fun With Numbers
Ken drew the pictures for
inside this book 1976
  Ken signing my copy of 'Fun With Numbers'  
Jaws Jaws Jaws 2 Jaws Jaws
Ken designed the iconic lettering for 'Jaws' still being used today but was never credited for it.
Animal Life Picture Baffflers

Ken made this light box to publicise 'Animal Life - Piccolo Picture Bafflers' There is a motor in the back so the animals go round, a light and a musical box in the top. Reps would take it around to bookshops.
Ken Hatherley
Goeorge Sharp
1980s From left to right Graeme James (graphic designer) Jackie Collins, George Sharp (art director) and Ken.