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Dear Tim,

Russell is probably the best person to talk to as I seem to remember the art director Gary was a friend of his. At that time I had an agent in Paris and visited often ( my best French work was a cover for the Galerie Lafayette diary for 1980 and some food illustrations for Marie Claire magazine)as while at the RCA 73 to 76 I had spent 3 months in their Paris studio and walked all round the city drawing it. In those days London was rather grey with not much decent coffee, wine or pavement cafes. The cover includes things from my box of French ephemera and at the time I worked mainly in coloured pencil and ink.
Hope this is useful. Russell was in the year below me at the RCA .The year groups were tiny then about 7 or 8 so we were part of a group of friends who would often exhibit together and go to the pub in the years after we left college.

Best wishes,

Chloe Cheese
PAN 0330 264699 from 1981
Cover Artist Chloe Cheese
Spotlight On German   Russell Mills

Dear Tim,

Apologies for my delayed response, I'm chasing the clock working towards a big exhibition and new installation, which is due to open on February 21st in Halifax.
The cover artwork is mine. Produced to help out the art director who was under a pressurised deadline and he couldn't think of or find anyone else to do it. I did it overnight, so it's a perfunctory effort that is/was very unlike anything else I normally did or do. Adequate but not very inspiring. And I was very young, unsure and naive.
Yes I did a few other pieces for Pan, in similar circumstances, for subjects that were not really in my sphere of interest, but remembering them in detail is pretty much impossible.
I hope this will be of help and all best with your website.

Best wishes,

Russ Mills
PAN 0330 2647109 from 1981
Cover Artist
Russell Mills
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Cathie Felstead 

Hi Tim,

Thanks for getting in touch. I don't mind you contacting me at all.

Chloe & Russell must have a better memory than me! I don't remember anything about the commission, though Gary Day -Ellison may be able to help with that information.

My sister still has the rough for the cover framed on her wall. I could take a picture of it?  I'm not sure what happened to the artwork.

Sorry to be so vague... but it was along time ago!

With Kind Regards,


(Cathie attended the Chelsea School of Art, where she gained a BA in graphic design and then studied illustration at the Royal College of Art, graduating with an MA in 1980)

PAN 0330 2644729 from 1981
Cover Artist
Cathie Felstead
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Gary Day-Ellison thinks you left the world of graphic design.
PAN 0330 264702 from 1981
Cover Artist
Gary McCarver