Barbara Cartland
Barbara Cartland With VBook Covers Love In The Dark
B C with original artwork on the walls of her home. Arrow 0099 26280 from 1981 (no PAN edition)
Love At The Helm Barbara Cartland with book covers
B C holding the edition shown left.
Weidenfeld & Nicholson 0297 778188 from 1980  
Love At The Helm Love At The Helm 
Magna Books 0750 516453 from 2001 PAN 0330 265202 from 1981
The Dream And The Glory  The Dream And The Glory 
Cartland Productions 0952 349906 from 1994 PAN 0330 248537 from 1977
The Dream And The Glory  The Dream And The Glory 
Bantam 0553 029177 from 1977
Cartland Books No Time For Love 
B C with some of her books in her library. PAN 0330 24681X from 1976
Autigraoh  Autograph 
Signed Letter  Signed Letter 
Insert 1 Insert 2
A selection of letters and cards etc. signed by B C
A Dual Of Hearts  The Lady And The Highwayman 
PAN 0330 315633 from 1992 PAN 0330 309641 from 1989
A Dual Of Hearts  A Hazard Of Hearts 
DVDs of a couple of  titles given away with the 'Daily Mail' in 2005
A Ghost In MOnte Carlo  A Hazard Of Hearts 
PAN 0330 3315625 from 1990 PAN 0330 30433X from 1988
Record Sleeve Record Sleeve
Easy Listening?