E,H,R,W,Z Series - Numbers, Titles, Authors & Dates

Please note - these books are NOT for sale

The dates given are not necessarily the dates of first editions but the earliest date of an edition I have been able to scan. The titles in grey, earlier editions or any numbers that are missing are volumes I would like to add - all offers to wants@tikit.net

E1 Encyclopaedia Of Murder Wilson Colin & Pitman Pat 1964
E2 Youngblood Hawke Wouk Herman 1964
E3 The Malayan Trilogy Burgess Anthony 1964
E4 Naked Came I Weiss David 1965
E5 David Copperfield Dickens Charles 1967
E6 Vanity Fair Thackeray William Makepeace 1967
E7 Slaves Of The Lamp Frankau Pamela 1967
E8 The Three Musketeers Dumas Alexandre 1967
E9 Lost Empires Priestley J.B. 1967
E10 The Spirit And The Flesh Weiss David 1967
E11 Inheritance Bentley Phyllis 1967
E12 The Life Of Ian Fleming Pearson John 1967
E13 The Boston Strangler Frank Gerald 1967
E14 Faraway Priestley J.B. 1967
E15 Because The Night Was Dark Chauchavadze Paul 1967
E16 The Cloister And The Hearth Reade Charles 1967
E17 Title unknown, can you help? Email wants@tikit.net
E18 Lorna Doone Blackmore R.D. 1967
E19 The Mule On The Minaret Waugh Alec 1968
E20 The Tribe That Lost Its Head Monsarrat Nicholas 1968
E21 The Young Lions Shaw Irwin 1968
E22 Island In The Sun Waugh Alec 1967

H1 The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich Shirer William L. 1964
H2 Russia At War 1941-1945 Werth Alexander 1965
H3 Kennedy Sorensen Theodore H. 1966

R1 Nicholas Nickleby Dickens Charles 1968

W1 The Last Chronicle Of Barset Trollope Anthony 1967

Z1 Title unknown, can you help? Email wants@tikit.net
Z2 The Life And Death Of Lenin Payne Robert 1967

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