PAN Piper Series - Numbers, Titles, Authors & Dates

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Book Mark
The numbering system designated the price is shillings and pence.
XP = 3/6  MP = 5/0  TP = 6/0  EP = 7/6  CP = 8/0  WP = 10/6  OP = 12/0  HP = 12/6  ZP = 15/0

MP1 The Outsider Wilson Colin 1963
XP2 The Explosion Of British Society, 1914-62 Marwick Arthur 1963
MP3 Childbirth Without Fear Dick-Read Grantly 1963
XP4 The Pan Book Of Beauty van den Hoek Nan 1963
XP5 The Pan Book Of Wine House & Garden Mag 1963
MP6 The Basic Facts Of Human Heredity Scheinfeld Amram 1963
XP7 The Best English Vallins G.H. 1963
XP8 The Pan Book Of Home Pets Tottenham Katharine 1963
EP9 All About Cookery Beeton Mrs. 1963
XP10 How To Study Maddox Harry 1963
XP11 Love And Marriage Chesser Dr. Eustace 1963
XP12 Battle For The Mind Sargant William 1963
XP13 The Pan Book Of Dogs Fisher Catherine 1963
XP14 Women And Fatigue: A Woman Doctor's Answer Hilliard Dr. Marion 1963
XP15 You And Your Child de Kok Winifred 1963
XP16 The Opposite Sex Hacker Rose 1963
XP17 The Pan Book Of Cats Tenent Rose 1963
XP18 How To Draw Hill Adrian 1963
XP19 The Pan Book Of Health Edmundson, M.C. Joseph 1963
XP20 The Deprived Child And Adoption Ellison Mary 1963
XP21 Your Baby - And You de Kok Winifred 1963
XP22 Making A House A Home Harris Marion R. 1963
XP23 The Pan Book Of Letter Writing Thomson K. Graham 1963
XP24 Straight And Crooked Thinking Thouless Robert H. 1963
MP25 Learning To Cook Patten Marguerite 1963
XP26 Good Speaking Henderson Mrs. A.M. 1963
XP27 Your Emotional Problems Fletcher Peter 1963
XP28 Bridge For Beginners Mollo & Gardener Victor and Nico 1963
XP29 The Pan Book Of Party Games Edmundson Joseph 1963
MP30 The French Cookery Book Conil Jean 1963
MP31 The Small Garden Lucas Phillips C.E. 1963
MP32 British Architects And Craftsmen Sitwell Sacheverell 1963
XP33 The Pan Book Of Card Games Phillips Hubert 1963
MP34 The Mountains Of Pharaoh: 2000 Years Of Pyramid Exploration Cottrell Leonard 1963
XP35 The Bull Of Minos Cottrell Leonard 1963
XP36 Lost Cities Cottrell Leonard 1963
XP37 The Great Invasion Cottrell Leonard 1963
XP38 Good English: How To Write It Vallins G.H. 1963
XP39 Better English Vallins G.H. 1963
MP40 The Pan Book Of Sailing Searl F.H.L. 1963
XP41 The World's Living Religions Parrinder Geoffrey 1963
XP42 The Pan Guide To Public Speaking Lawrence Robert Seton 1963
XP43 The Second Pan Book Of Party Games Edmundson Joseph 1963
MP44 The Pan Book Of Astronomy Muirden James 1964
XP45 The Pan Book Of Etiquette & Good Manners MacLean Sarah 1963
XP46 Helping Your Child To Get Well Chaloner Len 1964
XP47 Title unknown, can you help? Email
XP48 The Story Of Language Barber C.L. 1964
MP49 The Splendour Of Greece Payne Robert 1964
XP50 Exploring The Occult Hunt Douglas 1964
MP51 Style Lucas F.L. 1964
MP52 Careers For Boys Brown Gavin 1964
MP53 Careers For Girls Brown Gavin 1964
XP54 Profiles Of The Future Clarke Arthur C. 1964
TP55 The Pan Book Of Opera Jacobs & Sadie Arthur and Stanley 1964
XP56 Life Is For Living (So Relax And Enjoy It) Chesser Dr. Eustace 1964
XP57 The Tiger Of Ch'in: How China Became A Nation Cottrell Leonard 1964
XP58 Missing From Home Ellison Mary 196y
XP59 Guide To The General Election Leonard R.L. 1964
MP60 The Treasures Of Time Deuel Leo 1964
XP61 How To Retire Successfully Wallace Carlton 1964
XP62 The Lost Pharaohs Cottrell Leonard 1964
XP63 Life Under The Pharaohs Cottrell Leonard 1964
XP64 The Pan Book Of Great Composers Hughes Gervase 1964
XP65 The Life Savers Calder Ritchie 1964
MP66 The Pan Book Of Woodwork Love George H. 1964
MP67 Australia: Her Story Tennant Kylie 1964
XP68 The Pan Book Of Insurance Dinsdale W.A. 1964
XP69 Wonders Of Antiquity Cottrell Leonard 1964
XP70 Enemy Of Rome Cottrell Leonard 1964 Incorrectly numbered as XP67
MP71 The Roman Triumph Payne Robert 1964
MP72 Rebirth Of Britain: A Symposium Of Essays By Eighteen Writers Various 1964
MP73 The Pan Book Of Chess Abrahams Gerald 1965
MP74 The Pan Book Of One-Act Plays Charlton J.M. 1965
XP75 Your Child At School Jones Jack Raymond 1965
MP76 The Pan Guide To Home Buying van den Hoek Nan 1965
MP77 Roses For Small Gardens Lucas Phillips C.E. 1965
MP78 Shrubs And Trees For Small Gardens Lloyd Christopher 1965
MP79 Gardening In The North Lemmon Kenneth 1965
MP80 Perennial Flowers For Small Gardens Hunt Peter 1965
XP81 Sell Them A Story LeRoy Jean 1965
TP82 Herbs For Health And Cookery Loewenfeld & Back Claire and Philippa 1965
MP83 The Pan Book Of Swimming And Water Sports Edmundson, M.C. Joseph 1965
TP84 The Pan Book Of Mathematical Tables Montague-Beart A. 1965
XP85 The Pan Book Of Wine Making Turner B.C.A. 1965
MP86 The Trachtenberg Speed System Of Basic Mathematics Cutler & McShane Ann and Rudolph 1965
MP87 The Small Rock Garden Anderson E.B. 1965
MP88 Flowers From Seed Hardwicke Denis 1965
MP89 The Small Greenhouse Fogg H.G. Witham 1965
MP90 Window-Box Gardening Field Xenia 1965
EP91 A Survey Of English Literature Phelps Gilbert 1965
TP92 The Pan Guide To Saving And Investment Rowlatt & Davenport James and David 1965
MP93 The Pan Medical Handbook Ormston Dr. Mark 1965
TP94 The Manager And The Organization Moonman Eric 1965
TP95 Modern Discoveries In Medical Psychology Allen Clifford 1965
XP96 The Pan Book Of Amateur Dramatics Wykes Alan 1965
MP97 The Student Guide To Britain Pickthorn Helen 1966
MP98 Needlework And Embroidery Butler Winifred 1966
TP99 Plays Of The Thirties Charlton J.M. 1966
TP100 Plays Of The Sixties Charlton J.M. 1966
MP101 The Sixth Sense Heywood Rosalind 1966
MP102 The Infinite Hive Heywood Rosalind 1966
EP103 The Living World Duddington Ph.D C.L. 1966
MP104 Nuclear Weapons Berzins Otto 1966
MP105 You And Your Brain Groch Judith 1966
MP106 Sex Michelmore Susan 1966
XP107 Louis Pasteur Mann John 1966
MP108 Chrysanthemums For Small Gardens Smith James F. 1966
MP109 The Kitchen Garden Furner Brian 1966
MP110 Dahlias For Small Gardens Rooke James E. 1966
XP111 Passing Examinations Allen Clifford 1966
XP112 Passing School Examinations Allen Clifford 1966
MP113 Beyond The Outsider Wilson Colin 1966
MP114 Computers Dodd Ph.D K.N. 1966
MP115 The Structure Of Matter Abbott David 1966
HP116 The Act Of Creation Koestler Arthur 1966
MP117 Do-It-Yourself In The Garden Bucknell Barry 1967
MP118 Bulbs For Small Gardens Haes E.C.M. 1967
MP119 Fruit For Small Gardens Crane Howard H. 1967
EP120 A Dictionary Of Famous Quotations Hyman Robin 1967
ZP121 Victoria R.I. Longford Lady Elizabeth 1966
MP122 Colin Wilson On Music Wilson Colin 1967
TP123 Plays Of The Thirties Volume II Charlton J.M. 1967
TP124 Plays Of The Sixties Volume II Charlton J.M. 1967
TP125 Seeing Roman Britain Cottrell Leonard 1967
TP126 The Lion Gate Cottrell Leonard 1967
WP127 A History Of The English People Mitchell & Leys R.J. and M.D.R. 1967
WP128 The Modern Crossword Dictionary Pulsford Norman G 1967
WP129 Mathematics For The Million Hogben Lancelot 1967
EP130 Plastics, Rubbers And Fibres: Materials For Man's Use Chubb Lawrence W 1967
TP131 Animal Navigation Lockley R.M. 1967
EP132 Plastics And You Lushington Roger 1967
EP133 Mental Disorder: A Problem With Many Facets Singh M.B. Man Mohan 1967
EP134 Winston Churchill As I Knew Him Carter Violet Bonham 1967
TP135 Loyalties, The Eldest Son, The Skin Game Galsworthy John 1967
MP136 Read Well And Remember Webster Owen 1967
TP137 Understanding Poetry Reeves James 1967
WP138 How To Paint In Watercolours Hill Adrian 1967
139 Title unknown, can you help? Email
MP140 How To Study Maddox Harry 1967
MP141 Psychology Of Sex Ellison 1967
142 Title unknown, can you help? Email
TP143 The Winslow Boy, French Without Tears, Flare Path Rattigan Terence 1967
TP144 The Deep Blue Sea, Harlequinade, The Browning Version Rattigan Terence 1967
EP145 A Compact Science Dictionary Ed G E Speck Revised Bernard Jaffe 1967
TP146 The Basic Facts Of Human Heredity Scheinfeld Amram 1967
ZP147 King George V: His Life And Reign Nicolson Harold 1967
TP148 The Land Of Shinar Cottrell Leonard 1968
149 Title unknown, can you help? Email
EP150 Managing For Results Drucker Peter 1967
TP151 The Reality Of Management Stewart Rosemary 1967
MP152 Dynamic Business Management Norcross Harold 1967
MP153 Selling And Salesmanship Magnus-Hannaford R.G. 1967
154 Title unknown, can you help? Email
HP155 My Years With General Motors Sloan Jr. Alfred P. 1967

Later Piper Titles

A History Of The World in the 20th Century Part 1 Watt D C 0330 024663 1970
A History Of The World in the 20th Century Part 2 Frank Spencer 0330  024671 1970
A History Of The World in the 20th Century Part 3 Brown Neville 0330  02468X 1970

Digs And Diggers Cottrell Leonard 0330  025260 1970
English Proverbs Explained Ridout Ronald & Witting Clifford 0330  023284 1969
Gardening By The Sea Evison J R B 0330  02244X 1969
Gardening On Chalk And Lime Lloyd Christopher 00330  021389 1969
Guide To Sampling Slonim Morris James 0330  020838 1968
How To Find The Job You Want Paterson C E E 0330  024698 1970
Innovation In Marketing Levitt Theodore 0330  02177X 1968
Life Of Christ Sheen Fulton J 0330  022458 1969
Louis XIV Cronin Vincent 0330  022067 1968
Marketing McIver Colin 0330  023136 1969
Marketing Management In Action Buell Victor P 0330  025090 1970
Planned Marketing Glasser Ralph 0330  021567 1968

Practical Statistics Langley Russell 0330  020307 1968
Problems Of Parents Spock Dr Benjamin 0330  021915 1968
Queens Of The Pharaohs Cottrell Leonard 0330  022600 1969
Rhododendrons For Small Gardens Joy Eric 0330  021397 1969
The Ghost In The Machine Koestler Arthur 0330  024670 1970
The Property Boom Marriott Oliver 0330  022245 1969

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