T Series - Numbers, Titles, Authors & Dates

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The dates given are not necessarily the dates of first editions but the earliest date of an edition I have been able to scan. The titles in grey, earlier editions or any numbers that are missing are volumes I would like to add - all offers to wants@tikit.net

T1 East Of Eden Steinbeck John 1963
T2 Key To The Door Sillitoe Alan 1963
T3 Angelique And The Sultan Golon Sergeanne 1963
T4 The Old Wives' Tale Bennett Arnold 1964
T5 The Heartless Light Green Gerald 1964
T6 The Joyous Season Dennis Patrick 1966
T7 Little Me Dennis Patrick 1964
T8 Fanny And The Regent Of Siam Minney R.J. 1964
T9 Angelique In Revolt Golon Sergeanne 1964
T10 B.R.M. Mays & Roberts Raymond and Peter 1964
T11 Alemein Lucas Phillips C.E. 1965
T12 The Robe Douglas Lloyd C. 1965
T13 The Big Fisherman Douglas Lloyd C. 1965
T14 Drum Onstott Kyle 1965
T15 Dieppe: The Shame And The Glory Robertson Terence 1965
T16 Angelique In Love Golon Sergeanne 1965
T17 Now I Remember: A Holiday History Of Britain Hamilton Ronald 1965
T18 Refuge In Avalon Steedman Marguerite 1966
T19 A Century Of Science Fiction Knight Damon 1966
T20 I, John Mordaunt Scott Virgil 1966
T21 The Lonely Sea And The Sky Chichester Francis 1967
T22 Master Of Falconhurst Onstott Kyle 1969
T23 Title unknown, can you help? Email wants@tikit.net
T24 Forgive Us Our Trespasses Douglas Lloyd C. 1967
T25 The Death Of William Posters Sillitoe Alan 1967
T26 The Young Wife's Cookery Book Food Inf Centre
T27 Red, White & Rose Penning-Rowsell Edmund
T28 A Bend In The Ganges Malgonkar Manohar 1967
T29 Catherine Benzoni Juliette 1968
T30 The Moonstone Collins Wilkie 1967
T31 Nightmare Abbey & Crotchet Castle Peacock Thomas Love 1967
T32 The Best Of Everything Jaffe Rona 1967
T33 Paragon Street Leslie Doris 1967
T34 The Battle For Normandy Bellfield & Essame Eversley and H. 1967
T35 Battles Of The '45 Thomasson & Buist Katherine and Francis 1967
T36 Daylight On Saturday Priestley J.B. 1967
T37 The Birds Fall Down West Rebecca 1967
T38 Corunna Hibbert Christopher 1967
T39 Coronel And The Falklands Bennett Geoffrey 1967
T40 Along The Clipper Way Chichester Francis 1967
T41 The Complete Patience Book Dalton Basil 1967
T42 Bright Day Priestley J.B. 1967
T43 Title unknown, can you help? Email wants@tikit.net
T44 The 38th. Floor Irving Clifford 1968
T45 Full Circle: The Story Of Airfighting Johnson J.E. "Johnnie" 1968
T46 Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn Twain Mark 1968
T47 A Sentence Of Life Gloag Julian 1968
T48 The Marks Of Cain Thorwald Jurgen 1968
T49 Fuel For The Flame Waugh Alec 1968
T50 Ritual In The Dark Wilson Colin 1967
T51 Angelique: The Marquise Of The Angels Golon Sergeanne 1968
T52 Angelique: The Road To Versailles Golon Sergeanne 1966

T53 The Murderers Among Us Wisenthal Simon 1968

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