29 Bulmer H K Encounter In Space
37 Bulmer H K Space Slavage
39 Deegan J J Antro The Life Giver
48 Bulmer H K The Stars Are Ours
68 Garner R Resurgent Dust
69 Bulmer H K Empire Of Chaos
75 Heggy J P Make It Nylons
78 Garner R The Immortals
86 Campbell H J Brain Ultimate
94 Burke J The Dark Gateway
119 Carson B The Late Demented
192 Burke J Revolt Of The Humans
524 Young Scotty Descent Into Danger 1956
634 Mosley Leonard Gideon Goes To War 1957
704 Prorok Byron de Dead Men Do Tell Tales 1957
710 Mannix Jule Married To Adventure 1957
790 Mair George B Doctor Goes East 1959