The Gypsy Fiddle
Vanguard (NY) from 1956
Harvill Press from 1968
The Daughter
E. P. Dutton from 1956
Fiddlefoot Jones
Vanguard from 1957
Fiddlefoot Jones Dedication
Dedication in the above book, Martha is one of the five children listed in the printed dedication.
Seven Gates to Nowhere
Max Parrish from 1958
Rod and Gun
Cover for American edition June 1954
John Bull Magazine
John Bull Magazine from 9th May 1959 Illustration for a short story 'Valley of Fear' by Brian Cleeve
Know Your Mass
Angelus Press 9781 892 331441 from 2017 (originally published 1954)
San Jose
Novaro-Mexico from 1959 (First edition of 50,000)
   War Painting
War Painting
War Painting
Examples of Hans work as a war artist held in the American Air Force Art Collection.