Nor The Moon by Night  This Very Earth 
PAN G243 from 1959 (37.15) Signed PAN G253 from 1959 (37.16) Signed
The Saint Plays With Fire  The Last Angry Man
PAN G214 from 1959 (37.16) PAN M2 from 1959 (42) Signed
Whiteaks The Saint's Getaway 
PAN X38 from 1958 (42) Signed PAN G294 from 1959 (42)
Love Me Sailor  Gulf Coast Stories 
PAN G263 from 1959 (42) Signed PAN G301 from 1959 (42)
The Pearl and Shining Bright  Tip On A Dead Jockey 
PAN G308 from 1959 (42) Signed PAN G295 from 1959 (42)
Episode in Palmettto Young Renny
PAN G322 from 1959 (42) Signed PAN G299 from 1959 (42) Signed
A Moment of Warmth  Jenny 
PAN X51 from 1960 (42) Intial 'H' PAN X44 from 1959 (42) Signed
Call Me When The XCross Turns Over Finches Fortune
PAN G324 from 1960 (42) Signed PAN X43 from 1959 (42)
Lucy Crown  The Saint Closes the case
PAN G337 from 1960 (42) PAN G358 from 1960 (42)
A Summer Place Circles Round the Wagon
PAN X48 from 1960 (50) Signed PAN G249 from 1960 (42) Signed
Nor The Moon by Night House Of NUmbers
PAN G432 from 1960 (42) Signed PAN G267 from 1960 (42) Signed 
Not as a Stranger Not as a Stranger 
PAN M1 from 1959 Signed PAN G369 from 1960
Although I have all titles already scanned they are much smaller so only 246 or so  covers to rescan and add!