Homage to PAN Horror Books

The Panda Book of Horror "With cover art by Paul Magrs and a pretty damn nifty pastiche of the original Pan Books of Horror design by Cody Schell, we think you'll enjoy The Panda Book of Horror...though perhaps enjoy is the wrong word..."
The BHF Book Of Horror Stories The Second BFH Book Of Horror Stories

"The First BHF (as in British Horror Films) short story anthology went on sale in August 2006. A tribute to the famous Pan books of horror stories from the 1960s and 70s, it contains 19 blood curdling tales of terror, written by fans of British horror films from across the world"

Humdrumming Book 1 Humdrumming 2
"When I was twelve years old I bought a book off a friend of mine at school  ..... that book was The Eleventh PAN Book of Horror Stories and I still have it today. Those that grew up with the PAN anthologies may detect  something vaguely familiar about the book's cover type face, layout and design"
Striking Terror
"A compilation of the best stories from PAN Horror 1, 2 and 3"
Dark Voices 1 Dark Voices 2 Dark Voices 3
Dark Voices 4 Dark Voices 5 Dark Voices 6
"For 30 years The Pan Book of Horror Stories has turned the blood in your veins to red ice. Now Dark Voices  collects together a baker's dozen of the most spine tingling tales, written and introduced by the modern masters of horror fiction"
Fawcett Horror Fawcett brought out their selection  of Pan horror stories followed by Horror Stories 3, 4 and 5 from Berkley
(was there a number 2?)
Fawcett Horror
Horror Stories 3 Horror Stories 4 Horror Stories 5
Vampir 28
Inside it says the original title was "The First PAN Book Of Horror Stories"