Three Time-Play Three Time-Play
PAN 7 from 1947
Cover Artist Gerald Scarfe
Printed in France by Imprimerie Crete, Corbeil
PAN 7 from 1949
Cover Artist ?
by Wyman and Sons Limited, London, Fakenham and Reading
Also issued by PAN Books as GP13
Gordon Young remembers meeting J B Priestley back in 1947

"While in Paris, as I mentioned earlier, we were fortunate to be able to moor alongside the floating club house of the Touring Club de France (TCF) which lay just upstream from the Pont de la Concorde, usually arriving late Friday afternoon, giving us a couple of free days before proceeding upstream to the commercial dock at Quay Austerlitz to load. Aubrey Forshaw (ADF) was a great Francophile and love to slip over to Paris when we were there. One time he decided to hold a drinks party on board for several authors who happened to be in Paris – I think there might have been some literary event on at the time. So we ‘dressed ship’, set out a drinks table and I suppose we must have about twenty people aboard but the only one I can remember now was J B Priestley. Pan had recently published his ‘Three Time Plays’ and as it happened I had a copy. Thinking I might get him to sign my copy, I approached the great man, who had settled himself in a chair on the after deck, away from the main crowd, and was enjoying a quite moment with a large whisky. I asked very politely if he would sign my copy and was very rudely told to “, I never do signings”. I realised he had had more than one whisky !"