Alan Bott's Involvements in Publishing
1929 The Book Society
Members were not offered a discount on their choice but the idea was that publishers could take advantage of the longer print runs resulting in a reduced price for Society members and bookshops. By December 1929 the Society had nearly 7,000 members
Book Society News The Bookman
Book Society News Sept 1939  The Book Society News April 1948 
Book Society Letter From Alan Bott
    Letter from Alan Bott clarifying who drew an illustration in his book "Our Fathers"
Book News Flier
Book News Flier
Join The book Society
A flier for The Book Society from the early 60's
A postcard invitation to join The Book Society
1939 The Reprint Society
The Joyful Delaneys The Joyful Delaneys Broadsheet 1943
The second title by The Reprint Society trading as World Books 1940
1943 Broadsheet Newsletter
   1941 British Publishers Guild
If Hitlet Comes Who Are The Americans? Riders To The Sea
Number 13 from 1941 Number 119 from 1943 Number 218 from 1941
1945 Avalon Press
First Edition 1947
First Edition published by Avalon in 1947
1945 PAN Books
Postcard  Postcard
A postcard slipped into  PAN books (about 1947)  The booklist later became 'The PAN Record'
Number 6 Number 12 No 19 PAN Record
1952 1954 1956 1958
1947 The Folio Society
The Folio Society was founded in 1947 by Charles Ede, Christopher Sandford  and Alan Bott. It was set up to produce
"a poor man's fine edition" namely a well designed, printed and bound book which the "ordinary reader"could own.
Folio Spring 1955 Folio Autum 1955
Folio Newsletter Spring 1955 Folio Newsletter Autumn 1955