Wants List - Can you help locate the last title/s to complete the collection?
If you would like to sell or donate any PAN books in the list please contact wants@tikit.net

PAN With Compliments Slip  


 PAN X705 The Third Pan Junior Crossword Book Burgess Robin
The following is listed as M160 from 1968 but may never have actually been published; Childbirth Without Fear Dick-Read Grantly    

Can anyone help put a title to any of these PAN books numbered

G559, X604, X606, X633, X635, X640, X642, X671, X675, X677,X684, X704, X725, M182, M187, M247, E17, T23, T43, Z1

or these PAN Pipers numbered XP47, ??139, ??142, ??149, ??154 
Always wanted - any original PAN cover artwork, advertising material, PAN Record, display stands or variations on any covers shown etc.

Last 4 Titles