Rents are due from 1st October and the shop will be open every Saturday and Sunday in October from 11am to 1pm to enable plot holders to pay. If anyone does not it will be assumed they have given the plot up and it will be re-let on the 1st November as there is a long waiting list.

The toilets are now CLOSED for the time being.

There are currently no plots available but you can register an interest by  contacting the allotment secretary John Devey at or phone
0797 210 0825

Click here for a copy of the Terms and Conditions of the Tenancy Agreement
*** Update to Tenancy Agreement ***
Tenants will now have 6 months notice of rent
changes and not 12 as previously stated.

If plots are not 75% cultivated then a plot holder will be given 28 days to rectify the situation. If they fail to do so they will be asked to vacate the plot. Please let a committee member know if there are personal circumstances that prevent a plot holder working on their plot for a time.

Click here for a copy of the Constitution of Grenfell Road Allotments

Always make sure the gate is locked and don't let anyone else use the key

If you are the last to leave at night, to turn the water off.
If you don't know where the stop taps are just ask someone.
All cars must be parked in one of the three
designated car parks unless dropping off or picking up.
Toilet Notice
Toilet keys can be purchased from Alan (Plot 7) and cost £5 each.
NB* There are different keys for the Ladies and the Gents

Please keep the toilets clean otherwise they will be closed!