X Series - Numbers, Titles, Authors & Dates

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The dates given are not necessarily the dates of first editions but the earliest date of an edition I have been able to scan. The titles in grey, earlier editions or any numbers that are missing are volumes I would like to add - all offers to wants@tikit.net

X1 Eastern Approaches Maclean Fitzroy 1956

X2 The Small Garden Lucas Phillips C E 1957

X3 Sorrell And Son Deeping Warwick 1961

X4 Pleasure Beach Tilsley Frank 1956

X5  Fanny By Gaslight Sadlier Michael 1956

X6 And So - Victoria Wilkins Vaughan 1956

X7 A King's Story Windsor Duke Of 1957

X8 The Way Of A Transgressor Farson Negley 1957

X9 No Arms, No Armour Henriques Robert 1957

X10 Popski's Private Army Peniakoff Vladimir 1957

X11 The Young Lions Shaw Irwin 1957

X12 Ellery Queen's Book Of Mystery Stories 1958

X13 A Dragon Apparent Lewis Norman 1957

X14 Catherine Carter Johnson Pamela Hansford 1957

X15 Jet Whittle Sir Frank 1957

X16 Horned Pigeon Millar George 1957

X17 Raintree Country Lockridge Ross 1958

X18 Vagrant Viking Freuchen Peter 1958

X19 Learning To Cook Patten Marguerite 1958

X20 God Protect Me From My Friends Maxwell Gavin 1958

X21 I Leap Over The Wall Baldwin Monica 1960

X22 A History Of Courting Turner E S 1958

X23 Captain Jan Hartog Jan de 1958

X24 Lord Johnnie White Leslie Turner 1958

X25 Valley Of The Vines Parker Joy 1960

X26 Old Fourlegs Smith J L B 1958

X27 Sheba's Buried City Phillips Wendell 1958

X28 The British Middleton Drew 1958

X29 Shadow Of The Moon Kaye Mary Margaret 1959

X30 Oh, Promised Land Street James 1958

X31 Home Before Dark Bassing Eileen 1958

X32 Ben-Hur Wallace Lew 1959

X33 Psychology Of Sex Ellis Haverlock 1961

X34 The Last Hurrah O'Connor Edwin 1959

X35 Peyton Place Metalious Grace 1960

X36 The Protagonists Barlow James 1959

X37 Onionhead Hill Weldon 1959

X38 Whiteoaks de la Roche Mazo 1960

X39 Regency Buck Heyer Georgette 1960

X40 Gypsy Lee Gypsy Rose 1957

X41 Mister Jelly Roll Lomax Alan 1959

X42 A Woman Of Bangkok Reynolds Jack 1962

X43 Finch's Fortune de la Roche Mazo 1963

X44 Jenny Lewis Ada 1959

X45 The Pan Book Of Horror Stories Thal Herbert van 1959

X46 We, The Accused Raymond Ernest 1960

X47 A Terrible Beauty Roth Arthur 1960

X48 A Summer Place Wilson Sloan 1960

X49 Home From The Hill Humphrey William 1960

X50 Wakefield's Course de la Roche Mazo 1960

X51 A Moment Of Warmth Gwaltney Francis Irby 1960

X52 Between The Stirrup And The Ground Raymond Diana 1960

X53 The Mountain Road White Theodore H 1960

X54 Come In Spinner Cusack Dymphna & James Florence 1960

X55 The Three Faces Of Eve Thigpen C & Cleckley H 1960

X56 The Undefeated Wylie I A R 1960

X57 Cimarron Ferber Edna 1960

X58 Stalingrad Schröter Heinz 1960

X59 Magnus The Magnificent White Leslie T 1960

X60 Return To Jalna de la Roche Mazo 1961

X61 They Fought For The Sky Reynolds Quentin 1960

X62 Surgeon Of Fortune Kelley Welbourne 1960

X63 This Is The Schoolroom Monsarrat Nicholas 1960

X64 The Grand Sophy Heyer Georgette 1960

X65 Let No Man Write My Epitaph Motley Willard 1960

X66 The Log From The Sea Of Cortez Steinbeck John 1960

X67 The Second Pan Book Of Horror Stories Thal Herbert van 1966

X68 The Called and The Chosen Baldwin Monica 1960

X69 The Pan Book Of Card Games Phillips Hubert 1960

X70 Friday's Child Heyer Georgette 1962

X71 Alfred Hitchcock Presents Hitchcock Alfred 1961

X72 The Promise Of Nigeria Epelle Sam 1960

X73 Rape Of The Fair Country Cordell Alexander 1961

X74 The One-Eyed Monster Prior Allan 1961

X75 Scaramouche Sabatini Rafael 1961

X76 The Home Cookery Book Conil Jean 1961

X77 The Voice At The Back Door Spencer Elizabeth 1961

X78 Mandingo Onstott Kyle 1965

X79 Daughters Of Cain Huggett Rene 1961

X80 The Best Of Everything Jaffe Rona 1961

X81 The Great Invasion Cottrell Leonard 1961

X82 Pemmican Fisher Vardis 1961

X83 The Time Of Dragons Ekert-Rotholz Alice 1961

X84 On The Road Kerouac Jack 1961

X85 Damned Shall be Desire Coulter Stephen 1961

X86 The Intruder Beaumont Charles 1961

X87 The Battlers Tennant Kylie 1961

X88 An Infamous Army Heyer Georgette 1962

X89 Centenary At Jalna de la Roche Mazo 1961

X90 Angélique Golon Sergeanne 1961

X91 The Vengeance Trail Bean Amelia 1961

X92 The Greatest Raid Of All Phillips C E Lucas 1961

X93 Return To Peyton Place Metalious Grace 1961

X94 My Wicked, Wicked Ways Flynn Errol 1961

X95 Warlock Hall Oakley 1961

X96 A Town Like Alice Shute Nevil 1961 1000th Title from PAN

X97 Of Whales And Men Robertson R B 1961

X98 The Wings Of Night Raddall Thomas 1961

X99 Captain Blood Sabatini Rafael 1961

X100 The Twelve Olympians Seltman Charles 1961

X101 Commandant Of Auschwitz Hoess Rudolf 1961

X102 Caroline Cherie Laurent Cecil Saint 1961

X103 Showcase Dibner Martin 1961

X104 The Red Barbarians MacGregor-Hastie Roy 1961

X105 Alas Babylon Frank Pat 1961

X106 In Flanders Field Wolff Leon 1961

X107 The Century Of The Surgeon Thorwald Jürgen 1961

X108 The Reluctant Widow Heyer Georgette 1962

X109 The High Roof Parker Joy 1962

X110 Danse Macabre Mullally Frederic 1962

X111 The Gold Of Troy Payne Robert 1962

X112 How Many Angels Israel Charles E 1962

X113 Grand Hotel Baum Vicky 1961

X114 The Devil In Bucks County Schiddel Edmund 1962

X115 Collision Course Moscow Alvin 1962

X116 John Burnet Of Barns Buchan John 1962

X117 The Chequer Board Shute Nevil 1962

X118 Whiteoak Harvest de la Roche Mazo 1962

X119 These Old Shades Heyer Georgette 1963

X120 Fortune's Fool Sabatini Rafael 1962

X121 Narvik Macintyre Captain Douglas 1962

X122 Seek The Fair Land Macken Walter 1962

X123 Henderson The Rain King Bellows Saul 1962

X124 California Street Busch Niven 1962

X125 The Master Of Jalna de la Roche Mazo 1962

X126 A Silver Plated Spoon Bedford John Duke of 1962

X127 Encore Clotilde Laurent Cecil Saint 1962

X128 The Desert Generals Barnett Correlli 1962

X129 The Last Days Of Hitler Trevor-Roper H R 1962

X130 The Billboard Madonna Trevor Elleston 1962

X131 Two Weeks In Another Town Shaw Irwin 1962

X132 Jalna de la Roche Mazo 1962

X133 Mary Wakefield de la Roche Mazo 1962

X134 The Hunt For Kimathi Henderson Ian & Goodhart Philip 1962

X135 Seven Men At Daybreak Burgess Alan 1962

X136 Morning At Jalna de la Roche Mazo 1962

X137 Zsa Zsa Gabor Frank Gerold 1962

X138 Classic Crimes Roughead William N 1962

X139 I Swear And Vow Olivier Stefan 1962

X140 Young Renny de la Roche Mazo 1962

X141 The Whiteoak Brothers de la Roche Mazo 1962

X142 Hornblower In The West Indies Forester C S 1962

X143 Conspiracy Of Silence Elton Peter & Leasor James 1962

X144 Surgery Holds The Door Sava George 1962

X145 The Devil's Advocate West Morris 1962

X146 The Full Treatment Thorn Ronald Scott 1962

X147 The Fabulous Showman Wallace Irving 1962

X148 Magnificent Obsession Douglas Lloyd C 1962

X149 The Fiery Furnace Williams Lawrence 1962

X150 A Reasonable Doubt Symons Julian 1962

X151 The Conqueror Heyer Georgette 1962

X152 The Hosts Of Rebecca Cordell Alexander 1962

X153 The Fall Of Singapore Owen Frank 1962

X154 A Prince Of The Captivity Buchan John 1962

X155 Away From Home Jaffe Rona 1963

X156 The Manchurian Candidate Condon Richard 1962

X157 Whiteoak Heritage de la Roche Mazo 1962

X158 The Building Of Jalna de la Roche Mazo 1962

X159 Renny's Daughter de la Roche Mazo 1962
X160 The Grand Duke And Mr. Pimm Hardy Lindsay 1962
X161 The Third Pan Book Of Horror Stories van Thal Herbert 1962
X162 The Loves Of Caroline Cherie Laurent Cecil Saint 1962
X163 The Gamesters de Polnay Peter 1962
X164 The Chinese Love Pavilion Scott Paul 1962
X165 Landfall Shute Nevil 1962
X166 Enemy Of Rome Cottrell Leonard 1962
X167 The Best Of Mikes Mikes George 1962
X168 The Lost Pharaohs Cottrell Leonard 1962
X169 Life Under The Pharaohs Cottrell Leonard 1962
X170 Evil Under The Sun Christie Agatha 1963
X171 The Chronicles Of Captain Blood Sabatini Rafael 1963
X172 The Passing Of Evil McShane Mark 1963
X173 The Perfect Wife Leslie Doris 1963
X174 The Descent Of Venus Angus Douglas 1963
X175 The Fall Of Hong Kong Carew Tim 1963
X176 The Riddle Of The Sands Childers Erskine 1963
X177 My Favourites In Suspense (I) Hitchcock Alfred 1963
X178 The Return Of H*Y*M*A*N* K*A*P*L*A*N Ross Leonard Q. 1963
X179 The Great Impostor Crichton Robert 1963
 X180 The Proud American Boy Braddon Russell 1963
 X181 The Sky Suspended Middleton Drew 1963
 X182 My Friend Annie Duncan Jane 1963
 X183 The Nylon Pirates Monsarrat Nicholas 1963
 X184 To Live In Danger Magee Bryan 1963
 X185 Minister Of Death: The Adolf Eichmann Story Reynolds Quentin 1963
X186 When The Kissing Had To Stop Gibbon Constantine Fitz 1962
 X187 We Joined The Navy Winton John 1961
 X188 Lonely Road Shute Nevil 1962
 X189 Jess Lowe Marjorie G. 1963
 X190 Wonders Of Antiquity Cottrell Leonard 1963
 X191 Love And Mrs. Sargeant Dennis Patrick 1963
 X192 The Furnished Room Del-Rivo Laura 1963
 X193 The Sands Of Kalahari Mulvihill William 1963
 X194 Two Left Feet Leslie David Stuart 1963
 X195 Variable Winds At Jalna de la Roche Mazo 1963
 X196 The Small Woman Burgess Alan 1963
 X197 The Tight White Collar Metalious Grace 1963
 X198 Journey Through Hell Weiss Reska 1963
 X199 The Durian Tree Keon Michael 1963
 X200 The Talisman Ring Heyer Georgette 1963
 X201 Thunderball Fleming Ian 1963
 X202 The Love Investigator Gebler Ernest 1963
 X203 Young Claudia Franken Rose 1963
 X204 Ruined City Shute Nevil 1963
 X205 The Walls Of Jolo Caillou Alan 1963
 X206 Colditz: The German Story Eggers Reinhold 1963
 X207 The Dam Busters Brickhill Paul 1963
 X208 The Department Of Queer Complaints Dickson Carter 1963
 X209 This Desert Place Stander Siegfried 1963
 X210 Mister Moses Catto Max 1963
 X211 His Son And Heir Begner Edith P. 1963
 X212 The Naked Island Braddon Russell 1963
 X213 Death Comes As The End Christie Agatha 1963
 X214 Man With Tin Trumpet Mullally Frederic 1963
 X215 This Sweet Sickness Highsmith Patricia 1963
 X216 The Magic Touch Kessel Joseph 1963
 X217 Rampage Caillou Alan 1963
 X218 Castle In Spain Duffield Anne 1963
 X219 The Case Of The Nervous Accomplice Gardner Erle Stanley 1963
 X220 The Doctor Is Sick Burgess Anthony 1963
 X221 Sweet Thursday Steinbeck John 1963
 X222 80,000 Suspects Trevor Elleston 1963
 X223 My 100 Children Kuchler-Silberman Lena 1963
 X224 No Highway Shute Nevil 1963
 X225 Heatwave In Berlin Cusack Dymphna 1963
 X226 The History Of Mr. Polly Wells H.G. 1963
 X227 The Man Who Sold The Moon Heinlein Robert 1963
 X228 My Friend Sandy Duncan Jane 1963
 X229 How I Made $2,000,000 In The Stock Market Darvas Nicholas 1963
 X230 Bethnal Green Fisher Michael 1963
 X231 Carole Frank Charles 1963
 X232 Casino Royale Fleming Ian 1963
 X233 Live And Let Die Fleming Ian 1963
 X234 Moonraker Fleming Ian 1963
 X235 Diamonds Are Forever Fleming Ian 1963
 X236 From Russia, With Love Fleming Ian 1963
 X237 Dr. No Fleming Ian 1963
 X238 Goldfinger Fleming Ian 1963
 X239 For Your Eyes Only Fleming Ian 1963
 X240 Partners In Crime Christie Agatha 1963
 X241 The Murder On The Links Christie Agatha 1963
 X242 The Man In The Brown Suit Christie Agatha 1963
 X243 Poirot Investigates Christie Agatha 1963
 X244 The Seven Dials Mystery Christie Agatha 1963
 X245 Sandalwood Island Foreman Russell 1963
 X246 'Scramble!' Braham J.R.D. 'Bob' 1963
 X247 Salute To Adventurers Buchan John 1963
 X248 Master Stories Of The 20th. Century van Thal Herbert 1963
 X249 Quest In Paradise Attenborough David 1963
 X250 The Burning Shore Trevor Elleston 1963

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