Due to the current health issues meetings will be suspended for the duration.

The toilets are open but you will need to bring your own toilet paper and something for washing your hands.

When on the site please adhere to the COVID-19 advice HERE from the
National Society of Allotment & Leisure Gardeners

SHOP NEWS Unfortunately, due to the supplier temporarily shutting down, there is no compost available at the moment.

There are currently no plots available but you can register an interest by  contacting the allotment secretary John Devey at or phone
0797 210 0825

A work in progress
The Club House

The first site meeting in the new room, still awaiting the finishing touches.

......... to be continued.


Seed potatoes are NOW available in the shop at £1.30 kg.

Price List 140419

Kate Fromings is conducting a
National Allotments Survey and she kindly emailed to say "After reading through your website I am really impressed at the user-friendly layout, and I especially liked the insect photos from Alison, and the 'growing help' charts (which not many allotment websites have!)"

There are a few plots available so if you are interested contact the allotment secretary John Devey at
or phone 0797 210 0825

The last site meeting for 2018 was on SATURDAY 22nd September at 10:30 in the container where the Chairman presented his report. It was also the AGM and officers of the site were elected. For full details click on the link below.
The Chairman's Report for 2018
RENT John Devey has kindly offered to take responsibility for rent collection. Payments will start to be collected from 1st October when John will be in the shop between 10:00 and 12:00 on Saturdays and Sundays.
Following the torrential rain of the 26/27th of June the site got extensively flooded but the water didn't go down afterwards like it usually does. The reason can be see below, there's a lot of water to leak out of the canal into the stream that flows through Grenfell!
UPDATE The culvert has now been repaired.

The Canal

A grant application has gone in to WHG to transform the area behind the car park into a communal area for plot holders and to be a place for community days. Fingers crossed.

The site tidy up on Sundays from 10:30 is dependent on the weather.

Narrow miss for Debbie, Tim and Jackie
(and Anthony's plot) when the wind blew!

When the wind blew