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What have you found inside a PAN?

Rob Waterhouse, a fellow PAN Fan from Australia, emailed me to say he had got a copy of ‘A Throne Of Bayonets’ PAN 350 with an slip reporting an error. I have managed to find a copy with this insert and added it to the page but he is fortunate in that his copy also has a slip mentioning Joyce Weiner, Author’s Agent which I find adds greatly to the interest.

This got me onto thinking about bits and pieces I’ve found over the years, mostly adds for life insurance, bus tickets or shopping lists but occasional PAN related bookmarks and other errata slips which I ‘ll blog about at another time. Two good finds were a) hand written and then typed detail plot analysis notes  by Marc Brody (Bill Williams) of the novel ‘A Forest Of Eyes’ PAN 248 and b) a copy of the Domino letter in a pristine copy of ‘Thunderball‘ I got for 20p. I see someone is currently asking £750 for one on eBay, funny but there doesn’t seem to be a rush of bidders!

Finally I was going to mention GP17 / X100 but I don’t want to fall foul of the London 2012 Brand Protection ……

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