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John Raynes 3

I have finished putting together a page of PAN related artwork by John. Although there are 24 in the “Bestsellers of Literature” John only did the 20 show, the other 4 were by Pat Owen. Click on the Artists link above to find the page.

John Raynes 2

While putting together a page on John’s artwork I found these three photos I took which have not name on them. I suspect the first two are from the Angelique series but the third one I’ve no idea. Can you help?

Page not found?

Delving into some of the less frequently visited catalogues I found a few links that have stopped working. This had puzzled me for a while but now I’ve discovered why. Originally I was on a Windows server but last summer changed to a Linux and it would appear that Windows was NOT case sensitive but Linux is. Please let me know if you find any pages that are supposedly missing and I’ll get the page name and hyperlink to match!

John Raynes 1

Last Sunday I met up with fellow collector Jules Burt and we went down to Falmouth where we were made very welcome by John Raynes. John did many covers for PAN in the late 60’s early 70’s and I’m putting together a page and I’ll put a note here when it is ready.

Brian Sanders 2

I have finished putting together a page of PAN related artwork by Brian although I’m still short of several Steinbeck’s but as dealers seem to be asking silly prices I’ll wait till they turn up for 99p. I know the calendar isn’t PAN but the paintings are very good and I may scan the months in at a later date. Click on the Artists link above to find the page.

Great Western Novels

A few weeks ago I mentioned visiting Yorkshire Quality Paperbacks where I bought several books including the 1972 edition of ‘The Feud’ by Amelia Bean. I realised it must be part of a series as I have the original artwork for ‘Warlock’ by Oakley Hall from 1972 in the same style. I then managed to track down another three in the series and paired them up with their older counterparts but does anyone know of any more and does anyone recognise the artist for ‘Warlock’ as it is unsigned?

Great Western Novels

Click on the picture to see the rest.