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Let's talk about PAN paperbacks, the blog for those that do judge a book by its cover. Main site is at or

PAN Fans Club - Let's talk about PAN paperbacks, the blog for those that do judge a book by its cover. Main site is at or

French Revolution Series, ‘The Boys’ and a Tom Sharpe Box Set

This week the Jean Plaidy titles are for the three in ‘The French Revolutuon‘ series and I was pleased to see that one of the covers has John Raynes signature which makes a change

I’m not sure why, as they are usually very uninspiring, but I do like to have ‘Uncorrected Proof’ copies and this week it is for ‘The Boys From Brazil’ by Ira Levin. PAN published two editions, the later being a film tie-in and my copy of this has a ‘With Compliments’ stamp in it leaving me to speculate as to whom the recipeint might have been?

I‘m always after boxed sets of PAN Books especially from the 60s, 70s, and 80s so I was particulaly pleased to find an 80s boxed set of four titles from Tom Sharpe with artwork by Paul Sample. They were for sale in the States for peanuts and for once the postage was acceptable – and came very fast. I’ve photograhed the box and scanned the four covers which are all dated 1980 and can be seen by clicking HERE

‘Tamiko’, ‘The Scapegoat’ and R.I.P. John and Wilbur

I ‘m still going through Hans Helwegs’ sketches and there was one that I really felt I knew but just couldn’t get the title. It was very similar to earlier editions of Tamiko  by Roanald Kirkbride, and it turns out I was right as it was for the later version by Hans from 1971

Having spotted another couple of cover varients a few weeks ago I’ve just got a third for ‘The Scapegoat’ by Daphne du Maurier. I’m not sure what it is about this particular tilte but I don’t really like any of the three versions., maybe the subject matter doesn’t lend itself to something more eye catching. Maybe I should read it? The latest one is by Pam Masco and joins versions by Gino d’Achille and Gordon Grabbe. I will add it to the du Maurier page shortly as it will need a move around to get all the same titles together.

No sooner was I adding the news that we had lost John Pearson than they announced the death of prolific writer and ‘Golden PAN Award’ winner Wilbur Smith.

John George Pearson (05.10.1930– 13.11.2021) was born in Epsom, Surrey and wrote several fiction and non-fiction titles including E12′The Life of Ian Fleming’ and ‘The Authorisd Biography of James Bond’ ‘The Life of Ian Fleming” numbered as E11 seems to be rare as it was published just on the cusp of ISBNs coming in. Often the latter is called a first as the dates in side are the same.

Wilbur Addison Smith (09.01.1933 – 13.11.2021) was a Zambian-born South African novelist and was probably the holder of the most ‘Golden PAN Awards’ for selling over a million copies of at least 22 of his 34 PAN titles. He has written 49 novels selling over 140 million copies worldwide. PAN originally published his books but he left them in 2012 for Harper Collins and then Bonnier in 2017. To see his page click HERE.

‘Song of the Undersea’, No Pop-up Bookshop and ‘The Spanish Inquisition’

This weeks Hans Helweg artwork is for ‘Song of the Undersea’ by Ronald Kirkwood. Ronald de Levington Kirkbride (01/02/1912 to 23/03/1973) was a Canadian writer of escapist romances, westerns, and mystery novels. He was probably best known for his novel ‘A Girl Named Tamiko first published in 1959 which sold one million copies worldwide and a screenplay based on the novel become a film in 1962 with the same name directed by John Sturges. I’ll feature Tamiko next week. I’ve also included the cover of the first UK edition of ‘Song of the Undersea’ in hardback as I love the slightly raunchy cover which certainly sets the scene better than the PAN cover. I’ve also included the first US cover based on the UK but sadly ruined but that’s just my opinion.

Disappointed to see this on their Facebook page last week  ‘Pop Up Bookshop Wolverhampton October 28th Sadly at the moment there isn’t a shop available to rent in the Wulfrun centre and the one in the Mander Centre is too small. We are still hoping a shop comes available in the next few weeks… keep your eye on this page. Jude and Steve’ In some ways this is actually good news in that a) they like to think big when it comes to shops and b) shops are being relet although I suspect a lot are for just the run up to Christmas. If they do manage to find premises I’ll be there to report back. UPDATE They have just posted they can’t get a shop this year but fingers crossed for next.

Whie sorting the Jean Plaidy titles I found there was a series that PAN did not include but was published by ‘STAR’, the paperback divison of W H Allen & Co. Ltd, namely three titles in ‘The Spanish Inquisition‘ series. I will revert to the PAN titles shortly as still checking I have all the ones they actually published plus trying to ttrack down the artists.

More Jean Plaidy, ‘Paperbacks in Print’ and ‘The Magnificent Air Race’

As there are only two titles in theMary Stuart series’ by Jean Plaidy I’m also including the only one forJames 1st’

I’m always on the lookeout for copies of ‘British Paperbacks in Print’ published from 1960 onwards by J Whitaker and Sons Ltd. but not at the silly prices sometimes asked. My last copy from Winter 1963/64 was £6, a little cheaper than the asking price by this optimistic seller! Still looking for some of the eitions from the late 60’s to the earlyish 70s. What is annoying about this is I have the 1979/80/81 and 83 editions and this one is 1982 but I’m not that desperate to fill a space on the shelf!

Having had the artwork for ‘That Magnificent Air Race’ by Glenn Steward in a horrible frame for several years I bit the bullet and got a new one but while doing so took the opportunity to do proper scans. I’ve included the US version for this John Burke novelistaion of the film along with a German one I came across. I’ve also include a scan of a PAN AM book cover because it just looked so similar or that could just be me.