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Let's talk about PAN paperbacks, the blog for those that do judge a book by its cover. Main site is at or

PAN Fans Club - Let's talk about PAN paperbacks, the blog for those that do judge a book by its cover. Main site is at or


In the 1970’s Peter Tietjen was working at PAN (at the same time as Ken Hatherley) and he came up with a design for a “self-erecting piece of display material that was going to completely revolutionise in-store book displays”

Peter with Panorex

I found the following on an Australian website;

DISPLAY UNIT – 198704242
Owner: Pan Books Ltd Designers: Peter Tietjen Description: DISPLAY UNIT Statement: Monopoly is claimed in the shape and/or configuration of a display unit as illustrated in the accompanying representations. This page contains all relevant details related to design number 198704242. This design was lodged on 18/11/1987 and has a status of Currently Not Renewed. The owner of the design is registered as Pan Books Ltd They used the attorney firm Griffith Hack to file this. The design was registered on 15/12/1988 and has been renewed to 18/11/1993

I’ve tried to contact Peter but no luck so far. Does anyone know if it actually “revolutionised” displays as we know them?

‘Best Of American Crime Fiction’ Series

A couple of months ago I mentioned the PAN ‘Great Western Novels’ series and managed to find five titles. I have now come across titles as part of PAN’s ‘Best Of American Crime Fiction’ series but so far have only found a few labelled as such from Erle Stanley Gardener, Hillary Waugh, Patricia Highsmith and Charles Williams. Ed McBain and John D MacDonald are also supposed to be part of the series but none of their books that I have state this, they just appear in a list on the back covers of other authors titles.

……. and talking of Gardner has anyone any more with this style of cover or any more in the series? I have found ‘The Case Of The Blonde Bonanza’ and ‘The Case Of The Mischievous Doll’ both listed as having 1975 PAN editions but I’ve not found an image of them.

Foreign News

Having returned from Gran Canaria this week I have to say I was very disappointed. Not in the place or the weather but in the lack of book shops of any sort let alone second hand ones. A church jumble sale and a couple of Sunday market stalls also proved fruitless.

On a more positive note my ‘overseas agent’ Bazeer Flumore who I’m sure you don’t need reminding runs the excellent PizGloria website did at least spot some PANs at the annual Clunes Book Fair but unfortunately not those the two elusive titles I’m after.

I was pleased to see the copy of “Return Of The Tiger” in the box as I have the original artwork for this cover and it has been displayed on the sidebar for a little while.