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Let's talk about PAN paperbacks, the blog for those that do judge a book by its cover. Main site is at or

PAN Fans Club - Let's talk about PAN paperbacks, the blog for those that do judge a book by its cover. Main site is at or

Three Artists, An Airport Bookstall and a ‘Not As A Stranger’ Update plus Bully!

I signed up to get the newsletter from artist agent Alison Eldred after being in contact regarding purchasing some artwork. I was pleased to see in the latest edition a couple of photos including this one featuring a trio of book cover artwork stalwarts namely Jim Burns, Fred Gambino and Keith Scaife at the Wallace Collection. Thanks to everyone for permission to use the photo.

John Smith recently added a video to a Facebook group page showing an unknown airport book stall from the film ‘The Driver’s Seat’ from 1973 based on the novella from Muriel Spark. The shot pans (how appropriate) across the titles but it is only at the start that I can spot four(?) PANs after many many viewings to find two of them are the same title. I can see ‘Death and the Sky Above’ twice by Andrew Garve and The Impossible Virgin’ by Peter O’Donnell and the hand and arm obscures and then picks up The Tenth Pan Book of Horror Stories’ In the last photo Elizabeth Taylor is being asked to chose between the van Thal and a James Hadley Chase title.

While looking for more material relating to ‘Not As A Stranger’ by Morton Thompson I came across this poster for the film but it was in Spanish. This made me look for other editions of the book not in English and managed to pick up a German copy, a French copy and a Spanish copy published in two volumes. Now I’m not sure how accurate Google translate is but I’ve added it’s translation of their tiles under the images I’ve scanned and added to the main page.

Having mentioned the Commonwealth Games last week we popped into Birmingham on Wednesday to have a ride on the Midland Metro trams new extension to Edgbaston but more importantly to see the bull that starred in the Games opening ceremony. It was certainly impressive and a very popular attraction especially when it moves and snorts smoke! Let’s hope he gets to stay in Birmingham as his future is still undecided.
UPDATE Just heard he will be staying in Centenary Square until end of September and then going to be in ….. ?

A ‘Commonwealth Connection’, ‘Brother John’ and Rudyard Kipling

With the Commonwealth Games currently taking place not a million miles from me I was interested to see the Commonwealth got a mention on this PAN poster from 50 years ago for the best window display in the UK and Commonwealth. As usual I am left asking “What happened to all that advertising material, not all of it could have ended up in the bin surely?” It took me a few seconds to get three of the four titles along the bottom namely A Start in Life’, The Persuaders’ and The Luscher Colour Test’ but Nicolas and Alexandra’ took a  little longer.

While browsing book covers I noticed an Avon title that looked familiar as it uses the same images as on the PAN edition. The book was ‘Brother John’, a story about an enigmatic African-American man who shows up every time a relative is about to die. When he returns to his Hackley, Alabama hometown as his sister is dying of cancer, it incites the suspicion of notable town officials. The book is based on the film from 1971 and stars Sidney Poitier as John Kane. The DVD uses the same image as the front of the book.

In the mid 80s PAN republished a lot of the Kipling titles with the same cover design but some as PAN in A format (110 mm x 178 mm) and some as Piccolo/Piper in B format (129 mm x 198 mm) The PAN tiles were adult themed and I think I’ve found them all but if not please let me know. Click HERE to see them. PS Is that a young Jacob Rees-Mogg on the right on Stalky and Co