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Rose Franken

I recently picked up a copy of “Young Claudia” number 528 in the DELL Mapbacks series which looks as though it has never been read. It was the cover which caught my attention as it is certainly more eye catching than the covers from PAN. I sorted out the other titles published by PAN, rescanned them and put them on a page along with the DELL cover. I’m left wondering why PAN only published 7 of the 9 titles in the series. Number 8 was ‘The Antic Years’ and number 9 was ‘Return Of Claudia’ There were a couple of other titles but these were omnibus editions.

Going back a few blogs where I mentioned recycled artwork, I heard from Uilke in The Netherlands who pointed me in the direction of another one ( his site is well worth visiting for his extensive collection of paperback covers) It is from Ullstein Bucher and is Hodder not PAN related this time. You’ll noticed it has been flipped as the signature is backwards.

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