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Angelique on Film

I recently managed to buy a copy of the UK film poster for ‘Angelique: Marquise of the Angels’ which shows two Pan book covers. After looking for this item for a long time I found one at a price I was willing to pay, one site was asking £299!Angelique

The original film was directed by Bernard Borderie and was a French production released there in 1964 and the UK version was released in 1967. Below are the two PAN editions featuring stills from the film as on the poster plus one other showing a different film still.

“The Marquise of the Angels” (T51) is dated 1968, after the release of the film in the UK, but “The Road to Versailles” (T52) is dated 1966 prior to the UK release. The third book is another copy of “The Road to Versailles” (330 30052 0) which is dated 1968. The first two titles both say the 1964 film is based on the books ‘The Marquise of the Angels’ and ‘The Road to Versailles” The other one doesn’t although the credited actors on the front are from the 1965 film “Angelique: The Road to Versailles”

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