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PAN’s 70th Birthday Bash Part 2 plus an eBay auction.

The photos on the page HERE are ones I took on the night PAN gave out six of their ‘Golden PAN Awards’ to authors for selling over a million copies of one title (apart from the one of Jackie Collins who sadly is no longer with us)

I also decided to push the boat out and buy all the 20 titles PAN reissued with the retro covers as part of their 70th. Online gave me two companies selling them at the best price I could find. I chose one as it offered ‘click and collect’ and the store was local. Unfortunately their website couldn’t cope with 20 items in the basket and crashed after 12! I then went to the other company which offered free postage and this time there was no problem.The amusing part was when the postman came to the door yesterday with my own box of parcels. The seller had only sent each one in a separate envelope or packet and on counting I find I only have 19 so hoping the last one arrives on Monday.I have to admit the 19 do look good in my vintage Bakelite bookcase, the EBCO design classic apparently. The only problem is as I said I’m one title short and unless it’s a very slim volume …..!


Disappointed in two respects regarding the “JAMES BOND AUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY BY JOHN PEARSON (UNIQUE PROOF COPY PAN BOOKS)”  The first was that I didn’t ‘win’ it as I think James Bond fans must have deeper pockets than us poor PAN Fans and secondly it went for £109.07. If it was just one pound more it could have ended with 007!

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  • Peter Tietjen says:

    I saw your photo of Simon Wood and your comment that you’ve been in touch with him a few times. Next time you talk, please send him this link and my kind regards. You’ll have to tip your computer on its side to read it comfortably. It always makes me laugh and I still have a couple of unopened cans of EVERYTHING.
    Many thanks.

    October 15, 2017 at 2:32 am
    • tikitnet says:

      Hi Peter, Sorry to hear you weren’t too well and couldn’t make the ‘do’ Several people mentioned your name, all in a friendly way I would add. If you like I can give Simon your email address or I could give him yours if you want to make contact? Cheers, Tim

      October 15, 2017 at 7:11 am

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