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Derek (Arthur) Stowe

ds6A few months back Derek Stowe contacted me to see if I was interested in having some details of his life and work, I jumped at the chance.

Since then it’s been trying to track down examples of Derek’s covers and with the last one on the list from the Bodleian Library this week I can now launch his pages. As with other artists I include not just his work for PAN but for other publishers as well to give a wider portfolio of work. You can also find him on the Artists link on the main site.


(William) Francis Marshall (1901 to 1980)

Francis Marshall studied at Slade College of Fine Art, London before entering the world of advertising illustration. In 1928 he began a 10-year relationship with Condé Nast, drawing for ‘Vogue’ In 1959 he wrote a successful book on drawing entitled ‘Magazine Illustration’ plus many other, a selection of which are shown below.

He also painted numerous covers for romantic fiction especially the Barbara Cartland titles for PAN. He also produced Cartland covers for Bantam, Corgi and NEL amongst others. I have compiled a list of list of Cartland fiction titles published by PAN and make it 129 a few of which are illustrated HERE I’m wondering if I have the will power and the stamina to try and find them all!

As I mentioned last week all the Barbara Cartland titles appear to be being reissued as part of the ‘Eternal’ collection (previously published) or the ‘Pink’ collection (unpublished) and are reusing artwork from other publishers from around the 70′s . The two examples below are both using Francis Marshall artwork from PAN. ‘The Horizons of Love’ has now become ‘A Golden Lie’

Nearly missed my favourite book sale of the year in Lichfield last Friday. I thought it was cancelled as couldn’t find it advertised but they have changed it from June to August. Thanks to an eagle eyed friend who just happened to be walking past the hall last week and saw a poster. I seem to have ended up with a very eclectic mix (my wife added a few) but to fill a bag for a couple of pounds is too good to miss.

I bought the James Herriot title ‘Vet in Harness’ as I spent the day in London yesterday visiting the cover artist George Sharp and wanted some of his work to take to be signed. More on this in a couple of weeks.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water – JAWS 2

After mentioning ‘JAWS’ last week I was surprised to see that ‘Radio Times’ had this week coincidently also mentioned ‘JAWS’ in that Andrew Collins thought the sound track was one of the best ever (illustrated using the Roger Kastel artwork)JawsThis lead on to other coincidences in that while looking for shark pictures I found one by (William) Francis Marshall who was also the artist for a vast number of covers for the PAN Barbara Cartland series painted around the mid 70′s.

Some of those covers have resurfaced, along with ones from Corgi, Bantam, NEL etc. in the Barbara Cartland Eternal Collection and the Barbara Cartland Pink Collection.

To be continued next week.

JAWS – 40 Years On

Tried to attempt the annual ‘throw out’ and failed due to always finding something that causes a distraction. This time it was a large pile of Reader’s Digest Condensed Books we have acquired over the years from friends and relatives who would otherwise have put them in a bin. I picked one up and was immediately hooked by the fact the artwork for one story was by Brian Sanders, a popular PAN book cover artist as  featured on the website. Investigating further I found George Sharp, Roger Coleman, Michael Johnson and Alan Lee. My wife spotted a mention of ‘JAWS 2′ being shortly published by PAN that made me start looking at other covers and who painted them. I can’t find a name for ‘JAWS’ but the Roger Kastel movie poster was used for later editions as was the Lou Feck poster for ‘JAWS 2′  Ken Hatherley, studio manager at PAN in the 70′s still doesn’t get the credit for the iconic JAWS teeth he designed!JawsteethWe went to see ‘JAWS’ at the cinema the day it came out, queuing for ages and then being the last ones allowed in. No seats left so we had to stand at the back but how we all jumped when that face appeared at the boat window ……..!

One seller currently has three 1st edition 2nd printing copies of ‘Casino Royale’ on eBay UK at the moment, plus a very poor copy of ‘Moonraker’, I shall be watching!

UPDATE Really tatty ‘Moonraker’ £71 (20 bids) Another on at the moment at £16 (11 bids) The three copies of ‘Casino Royale’ went for £24 (14 bids) £27.10 (27 bids) and £33.54 (25 bids) so looks like the bottom may have fallen out of the market for ‘Casino Royale’ if not for ‘Moonraker’ at the moment.

Not so much PAN – more Buku Roket

Having come across Greek James Bond titles with a distinctive PAN flavour I have now found a site showing nearly a dozen Indonesian variations on PAN Ian Fleming covers. They are on a blog by Tokohitam called Black Chamber plus I found a few more on other sites. I’ve put them together below as a slide show. If anyone has any spare copies I’d certainly be interested.

I used Google translate on the titles and got some very strange (and amusing) results. I also noticed that a John Creasey had become a Bond (OHMSS) as below and I have to admit I do quite like ‘Thrilling Cities 2′ in red.Gun

Leslie Thomas 1931 to 2014

AutographFollowing an email from Jem I was reminded that we had not only lost Sam Peffer this year but another  PAN stalwarts , Leslie Thomas, winner of a Golden PAN Award for selling over a million copies of ‘The Virgin Soldiers’ MontageBack in May  I started to put together a page of covers and had not realised how many variations there are on his dozen or so titles published by PAN. So while I track them down I’ve adding a slide show of the 11 comic covers from the 80′s. As usual if you know of any more that I’ve missed please let me know.

PS Silly prices time on eBay UK again where a copy of the Domino letter from ‘Thunderball’ sold for £321.11 after 26 bids (and no free postage!)

Printing the ‘Invisible Ink Puzzle Books’

As I mentioned last month my wife and I were made very welcome at Henry Ling Printers in Dorchester when I approached them about their involvement in printing the ‘Invisible Ink Puzzle Books’ under the Piccolo imprint in the 1980′s. Click on the photo below to see how we got on.

HL100The delay in this blog was while I tried to find something on the other uses of invisible ink that got mentioned but all came to a dead end so if anyone out there can help ………….?

Must Stop Buying Domain Names!

Already having 11 domain names and being constantly bombarded with opportunities to buy new domain name extensions I can usually restrain myself from purchasing more but I have recently succumbed and bought two. One I couldn’t resist as it is simply my forename, then a full stop and then my surname (that and nothing else even though people find it hard to accept) ready for my world domination scheme. The second is that us PAN Book collectors/appreciators are often called PAN Fans and imply we are in a sort of club so when the extension club came up I went for which is eventually working as a redirect.Image4I mentioned last week being so near to getting the last title of the 2,391 know ones PAN published under their eclectic numbering system. Well I do have the one that looks just like it apart from not having the magic number X705 in the top right hand corner (it’s a 4th printing) I think I’ll have to count this as a half!Book3

So Near Yet So Far

I’m sure I must be like a lot of people in watching for different items on eBay which 99.9% of the time gives very strange results but when it came up with ‘PAN Junior Crosswords Book 3′ I thought I’d found my holy grail. On clicking on the item it WAS the last title I needed BUT it wasn’t X705. It turned out to the later edition with the same cover but an ISBN. At 50p I bid on it anyway and I’ll use it as a place holder on the shelves until that day when I can actually replace it with the real thing.BurgessGoing back to a past blog where I mentioned the amazing prices asked for copies of “Casino Royale” I see the one that has just ended on eBay failed to get any bids. This might be down to it being a second printing and with a starting price of £249.99 but then again on the up side they did offer free p&p. Another copy with 18 bids just went for £36.10 but didn’t say which printing while there is a second printing ‘buy it now’ on offer for £74.32.

A New Challenge

Passing a pile of books outside a shop I noticed one was a PAN and surprisingly it credited the cover artist but not someone I’d heard of. Having now looked him up the only reference I can find is on “The Illustrated Gallery” website where they say

“Although a popular fantasy artist in the 1990s, almost nothing is known about David Bergen’s career. He was active in the 1970s, illustrating Sphere’s H. G. Wells’ reprints and the cover for SF Digest (1976), as well as books by Arthur C. Clarke and Samuel R. Delaney. Soon after, he could be found contributing covers to DAW Books in the USA. Bergen then seemed to disappear until 1990 when his work began appearing on various Pan fantasy and SF titles as well as the Puffin editions of Ursula Le Guin’s Earthsea series. He continued to produce covers until at least 1997 when his work again disappears from sight”

The cover I found was from 1980 so it looks like he was working for PAN earlier than 1990 but the challenge now is to see if I can contact him and find other examples of his work.
* UPDATE I think I’ve tracked him down to The Netherlands and an email has been sent, watch this space.