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PAN Classics and a couple of updates.

With the ‘library’ room actually finished I now need to order the shelving, well enough for two thirds as I need floor space to sort the jumbled stacks of books into alphabetical order before putting them on the shelves. I’m also hoping to catalogue them all at the same time but I’ll see how long that takes.

Amongst the first piles were several titles in the 1970’s series of ‘PAN Classics’ which was the successor to the ‘Bestsellers of Literature’ series from the 1960’s (another page that really does need updating) I usually like to show the actual cover I have but I seem to be several short so I’ve resorted to images off the web which will be updated as I go along. Click HERE to see them so far. I’m also looking at the later series from around 1980 as they often used the same artwork and some of these list the artist.
t’s interesting in that when I bought my boxed set it was very cheap as it only had five of the six titles. I knew I had a copy of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ which I could put in it but try as I might I couldn’t squeeze it in with the others. I’ve just noticed on eBay someone selling a set and asking £50 but I’m more interesting working out if they are the same thickness as mine, where’s that ruler?
A couple of updates including a scan of a copy of Daphne du Maurier’s ‘The Progress of Julius’ which I’ve shown as a web image for quite a while but have now got one of my own,

As with these things I just said I’d not added to my “PAN as seen on Television” section for quite a while and then add one a couple of weeks ago and followed by two in the last week

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