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Peter Corris, ‘Gossip to the Grave’ and Tom Adams update

This is one for our Australian readers as I picked up a copy of The Dying Trade’ by Peter Corris from 1982 which is an PAN Australian edition. On looking to see if he had any more titles published by PAN I see he has but they all seem to be from the 1990’s so doesn’t have the PAN Man logo (as I’m going to call it) Has anyone got any others of his books without the later ‘waves’ logo?

Still sorting bits and pieces and found I had a hardback copy published by John Long of ‘Gossip to the Grave’ by John Burke from 1967. What is interesting is the comment inside which you can see HERE  and also that he changes from one of his pen names Jonathan to his real name of John.

I’ve also been trying to track down the Sue Grafton ‘Alphabet’ covers for D, E, and F by Tom Adams. I thought I found them but turns out none of them are the right edition although they have the right ISBN and date. What is interesting is that they have the PAN Crime logo on the front of two of them whereas this was just on the spine of the T A ones.Was this one of the new logos from the 1990’s to go with the Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror ones I wonder?

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