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Bonham’s Catalogue 15th October 1991

I recently had a request for a scan of the Bonham’s Catalogue of “Original Paperback Cover Artwork from the Pan Archive” as a reference source for a magazine article followed by “and I need it ASAP”

I scanned it all and then thought why not use the opportunity to make it into a Flash book so to view just click on the image below. As the catalogue has a glued spine it was not always possible to get it to lie flat without damaging it so some pages are a little awry.

This was the sale that caused so much bad feeling between the artists and PAN with several of them protesting outside the sale rooms. The dispute was over who had copyright of the artwork, the company or the artists? The artists always maintained they still retained ownership and the originals should not be sold. This was eventually resolved and the artists do now retain ownership of their works.

I also have the Bonham’s Catalogue of “Original Corgi Paperback Cover Design from the 1950’s, ’60’s and ’70’s” from 12th September 1990 if anyone is interested in that?