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‘Nick Everard’, Playboy and Douglas Adams

Alexander Fullerton wrote nine novels in the ‘Nick Everard’ naval series from 1976 to 1984 of which PAN published them all (makes a change) from 1977 to 1986. There were various artists involved with three covers by Geoff Hunt, five by Stephen Crisp and one unknown. I have been in contact with both artists and Stephen replied;
Hi Tim yes I did paint some of Mr Fullerton’s book covers – can’t remember which ones at the moment and not too sure either whether I got the artwork back!”
I replied and listed then titles and he came back;
“Thanks Tim – I do remember those titles and I know I have some of the originals so thanks for that!”
Geoff replied when I asked if possibly the unknown title was by him he said;
“Thanks for your enquiry. I did do some of the Alexander Fullerton covers but this isn’t one of them. Not sure who did it. It looks a little bit like Brian Withams’ style, but could be almost anyone!”
I feel more research coming on. I shall also re-scanis
 the earlier six Fullerton titles published by PAN hopefully for next week.

To tie in with the auction of Hugh Heffer items including his white captain’s hat, custom smoking jacket, silk pyjamas and Briar pipe with Playboy bunny logo I’ve scanned in my six covers for the ‘Cartoons From Playboy’ titles published by PAN. In the States there were a lot more and I’ve included a few on the page I found from the web.

I’ve also sorted out several Douglas Adams photos I’ve put into a folder over time and added them to his ‘Plug’ page..Not sure whose they are so hopefully not contravening someones copyright?

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