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Alexander Fullerton, Graham Hurley and ‘Happy Birthday’

As promised last week here are the six earlier Alexander Fullerton titles published by PAN. I’ve listed them separately as they are not all on one page but under the number given by PAN in their eclectic system.

Number 365 “Surface!”
Number 433 “No Mans Mistress”
Number G199 “A Wren Called Smith”
Number G366 The White Men Sang”
Number G530 “The Yellow Ford”
Number X316 “The Waiting Game”

Looking for a Graham Hurley book to actually read (I do like his Faraday series, just a pity he was killed off, mind you that didn’t stop Harry Hole coming back!) I spotted a couple with his signature. The first was the 1971 edition of ‘The Godfather’ which I didn’t have.

The second was a copy of his book ‘Sabbathman’ signed by Hurley and with great provenance. Normally this would be too late for my ‘PAN Man’ logo rule but I can always make exceptions (Another cover by Chris Moore)

Where did that last year go? It only seems like five minutes since it was this sites 18th birthday and here we at TiKiT’s 19th next Sunday. Looking forward to sharing many more blogs with you over the next twelve months.

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