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Let's talk about PAN paperbacks, the blog for those that do judge a book by its cover. Main site is at or

PAN Fans Club - Let's talk about PAN paperbacks, the blog for those that do judge a book by its cover. Main site is at or

In Memory Of Moxley RIP

Sadly last Tuesday we had to have our cat, Moxley, put to sleep. He suddenly went down with saddle thrombosis and the prognosis was not good. He was the same age as my website and was probably on my lap while I inputted at least 90% of the contents. It was our daily routine so I dedicate this site to his memory, a friend and companion. As I look out the window I can see his grave alongside the other seven much loved and sadly missed family pets from over the last 38 years.
Moxley2On a more upbeat note I have been contacted by a cover artist who did at least 14 covers for PAN in the 50’s and many others for different publishers. I am waiting for some photos and hopefully can name names next week. It makes such a change for someone to come to me rather than me badgering them!

I’ve also managed to get one step closer to getting a full set of the Piccolo Junior Crossword books unlike the PAN editions! I often check the numbers I am missing and number 7 was elusive until now when suddenly two copies become available!

Happy 2014 – but not for Geoff!

Happy New Year to all PAN Fans everywhere.


I recently met up with artist Geoff Tristram who was ‘Mr November’ to my ‘Mr October’ in the display corner of our local museum. I tracked down one of his book covers which he kindly signed for me. His website shows many examples of his work but unfortunately I can’t find any of the paperback covers he has done. The reason I say it may not be a ‘Happy New Year’ for Geoff can be found by clicking on this link!

PS Just caught an item on the radio where the ‘British Medical Journal’ has analysed James Bond’s drinking and the prognosis is not good! They have produced a chart to show their conclusions.

Failure Moan!

Not quite PAN but more a TiKiT website name related post. For years I’ve had the same registration number and transferred the plate from car to car. Sometimes some  of these cars have needed an MOT. Now for the first time my car did not pass until I had spent £10 on another set of number plates and the reason being there was not a  space between the 4 and the following T! Now looking around at other cars I can only presume they must change theirs if they need an MOT as some are almost illegible in an effort to try and make it spell something. I have to say my favourite was a BMW convertible with two blonde ladies on board and the plate read BOO8 with the two black fasteners strategically placed.


Warning – this is an illegal number plate!

Not so much PAN but more panini!

Just returned from a break in Tuscany where, surprisingly, I did see some PAN titles in a couple of second hand book shops but unfortunately not ones I’m after. I have not come back empty handed though having found a copy of ‘James Bond: Missione Tacchi a spillo’ which apparently means ‘James Bond Strikes Camp’ and tells of him dressing up in drag and attempting to seduce a Russian general! Now to see if I can find it in English instead of the Italian as it sounds a riveting read! I also got a 2012 Adelphi edition of ‘Casino Royale’ again in Italian. The one that go away a copy of ‘Never Say Never Again’ I not seen before. The seller had a picture of it in his stock list on the computer but could we find it on the shelf and I was only in Pisa for a few hours but next time I’m there ………

The next postings will go back to being PAN related – honestly.


Sorry there has not be a post of late but we have been off walking the ‘Wolds Way’ in North Yorkshire and still managing to find time to visit the few remaining second hand book shops. ‘Yorkshire Quality Paperbacks’ in Pickering came up trumps and I bought six titles for less than three pounds. One of these will be the subject of a later blog when I have tracked down some editions to go with it.