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As I’m sure every ardent PAN collector knows there was a collaboration between PAN and Harlequin in Canada in the 1950’s I thought there were only eleven titles¬†they jointly published but on looking at the excellent ‘Fly-by-Night’ website I see there is possibly a twelfth but it could be a mistake. It states “There isn’t a Son of the Gods Pan edition. Son of the Gods is also unique in that the phrase “A Harlequin-Pan Book” is not on the front cover and no notice of the arrangement with Pan on the copyright page as there is with the other 11 books. I suspect that the variant of Son of the Gods with the Harlequin-Pan notice on the back cover is an error. The Lost World is 238, Son of the Gods 241. Covers with the preprinted phrase used for The Lost World may have been inadvertently used for Son of the Gods before the error was caught” Just wondering if anyone has a spare copy of this book that I could add to my collection?

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